Novak Djokovic Won 23rd Grand Slam Title Match And Beat Casper Ruud | Checked-In Detailed!

Djokovic won the 2021 Australian Open, his third consecutive victory in Melbourne. At Wimbledon, he tied the record for most Grand Slam singles titles with 20. During 2015 and 2016, he was one of only three male tennis players to hold all four Slam titles simultaneously.

With his loss in the 2021 U.S. Open final, he fell just short of a calendar-year Grand Slam. His career prize money of $153 million as of September is the highest ever.

How Did Novak Djokovic Win The Match?

Rafael Nadal has one fewer grand slam championship than Novak Djokovic. Since his debut at the highest level of professional tennis 18 years ago, Novak Djokovic has used the dizzying standard set by Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal as motivation to test his limits and never doubted that he would eventually surpass it.

What once seemed unthinkable became inevitable over time. Djokovic ultimately surpassed his rivals in the most important category on Sunday, when he defeated Casper Ruud 7-6 (1), 6-3, 7-5 to win his 23rd grand slam title, breaking his tie with Rafael Nadal at 22.

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Who is Noval Djokovic?

Novak Djokovic (Serbian Cyrillic: Novak okovi; romanized: Novak okovi; pronounced: [nôak dôkoit]; born 22 May 1987) is a professional tennis player from Serbia. He is presently ranked No. 1 by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) in singles. Djokovic has held the No. 1 ranking for a record 388 weeks in a record 12 years and has been the year-end No. 1 a record seven times.

He holds the mark for most Grand Slam men’s singles titles with 23, including ten Australian Open titles. Overall, he has won 94 singles titles, including a record-breaking 67 Big Titles, which include his record-setting 23 majors, record-setting 38 Masters titles, and record-tying six year-end championships.

Djokovic has completed a non-calendar year Grand Slam in singles, making him the only man in tennis history to simultaneously hold the titles of the four majors on three distinct surfaces. He is also the only player to complete the career Golden Masters in singles by winning all nine ATP Masters tournaments, which he accomplished twice.

Novak Djokovic (1)

Novak Djokovic Won His 23rd Grand Slam Title And  Beat Casper Ruud

In The Final of The French Open, Novak Djokovic has stated for years that this has been his objective. What impelled him? What motivated him? Djokovic’s primary objective was to win the largest titles on the biggest stages of his sport, and now he stands alone — ahead of Rafael Nadal, ahead of Roger Federer, and ahead of every man who has ever played tennis.

If Djokovic could wait this long to hold this record, he could surely wait the half-hour or so it took to correct his strokes in the French Open championship match. So, on Sunday, after a shaky start in dense, humid air and under ominous charcoal clouds, he asserted himself. Casper Ruud, his opponent at Court Philippe Chatrier, never really stood a chance after that.

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What Is The Victory History Of Novak Djokovic In 2023?

Djokovic is now the sole holder of the men’s grand slam record, in addition to numerous other records, thanks to this historic victory. After years of being obstructed by Rafael Nadal, the greatest clay courter of all time, at the French Open, Djokovic now has three titles in Paris and is the first man to win each grand slam tournament three times.

He will also return to No. 1 as the greatest player in the world for a record-breaking 388th week. As it occurred, Novak Djokovic defeated Casper Ruud to claim the men’s singles championship at the French Open.

“Every player aspires to be on this stage and obtain the trophy at least once in his or her career. Djokovic stated during his on-court speech, “I am beyond fortunate to have won 23 times in my career; it’s an incredible feeling.”

Novak’s Legacy

Even Andre Agassi, who was considered to be the greatest returner of all time, acknowledged that Djokovic is one of the greatest returners in the annals of the sport. Nick Bollettieri, a tennis coach, has consistently referred to Novak Djokovic as the “most complete player ever” and the “most perfect player of all time”.

I do not believe that any tennis player in history can match Djokovic’s level of performance on the court. I don’t believe his technique has any weaknesses. His movement, personality, return of serve, and serve exhibited excellent touch, and he was not hesitant to approach the net; he had a fantastic serve.

Almost every competitor has a weakness, but I do not believe he does. He is perhaps the most well-rounded player I’ve witnessed in the past 60 years.

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During his speech, Djokovic stated that ever since he was a child, his objectives have been to win Wimbledon and become the world’s No. 1 player. He has exceeded these objectives more than tenfold. While the No. 1 ranking and grand slam titles were once the ultimate objectives for all aspiring players, this fading, unforgettable era of excellence exemplified by Djokovic, Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer has fundamentally altered how people perceive success in the sport.

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