Who is Lilah Pi? Meet Drake’s Rumored Girlfriend!

Drake, also known as “Champagne Papi,” seems to be in his “Certified Lover Boy” zone right now. Not too long ago, the Canadian artist posted a sweet birthday message for Lilah Pi on his Instagram page.

Who is Lilah Pi, then? Read on to find out everything about Lilah Pi, who is said to be Drake’s girlfriend, both in her personal life and in her work life.

Drake Sends a Beautiful Birthday Message to His Rumoured Girlfriend Lilah Pi

On Thursday, June 8, 2023, Aubrey Drake Graham, who his fans call “Drake,” posted a birthday message on Instagram for Lilah Pi, who seems to be his new love interest.

“The gyal has more life than can be duplicated. “My inspiration, my confidant, my best friend, and my heart @lilahpi, happy birthday,” he wrote on his Instagram Story next to a beautiful photo of Lilah.

Who is Lilah Pi

Soon after, Lilah put the same photo on her Instagram Story with the words “4L,” which stands for “for life,” and a pink heart emoji. For those who don’t know, let us tell you that Pi is the woman who was on the cover art for Drake’s April single Search & Rescue.

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When Did Drake and Lilah Pi Spark Dating Rumors?

According to Billboard rumours that Drake and Lilah Pi were dating started when Drake mentioned her name in a recent line on rapper J Hus’ song Who Told You.

Who is Lilah Pi

Drake raps in the song, “So, Lilah Pi, don’t make my eye cry. I’m not one of the guys who control things, so let me hold your controller. I want you to talk to the girls and get to know them. Enjoy your life, your bottom is so fit that it opens people’s eyes. I know the vibes, I know the vibes.

Who is Lilah Pi?

Lilah Pi is a singer. His Instagram page says that her first EP, called “Atlantis,” came out in 2021. It has a total of 7 songs on it. Lilah’s Lullaby and Summer Nights Fling are two of the songs on her EP.

When asked where she got the idea for Atlantis, Lilah said, “Atlantis is a city under the sea. For me, water represents all of life’s contradictions: it’s big, free, and scary; it’s tense but calms you down; it’s solitary but everyone shares it.

Who is Lilah Pi

The Oxymoron singer went on to say, “Atlantis is a haven between all these states of being. A place where you can just be and think. I want everyone who hears it to go there.”

Lilah spends a lot of time on Instagram, a social networking site. At the time this was written, she had 78k Instagram followers. She has posted more than 200 times on his Instagram page so far. On her Instagram page, it says, “Not a concept.” Her feed is full of beautiful pictures of her from places she’s been.

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