What Happened to Kajol? Why She Takes Break From Social Media?

What Happened to Kajol? Kajol posted on Instagram and Twitter that she was going to stop using social media for a while. The actress who will be seen next in a version of the American show The Good Wife said what was going on. Kajol also deleted all of her Instagram posts and wrote, “Facing one of the toughest trials of my life.”

What Happened to Kajol?

Fans were shocked on Friday when Bollywood star Kajol deleted all of her social media posts and said she was taking a break from social media. Kajol deleted all of her Instagram posts and then wrote a mysterious post saying that she is going through the hardest times of her life and is leaving social media because of it.

After that, friends began to send the actress their best wishes. Fans also asked “What happened to Kajol?” on social media to show how worried they were. Gauhar Khan, another actress, wrote in Kajol’s comments part and told her she was in her “prayers.” One person asked, “Why? What’s going on?

Can someone tell me?” Another user wrote, “I don’t know what happened to make you make such a decision, but know that your fans love you and we miss your captions and beautiful posts. We wish you the best.” After people asked and guessed for hours, Kajol finally posted.

It seemed like Kajol’s mysterious post was just a way to get people interested in her movie. The officer poster video for Kajol’s upcoming courtroom drama series ‘The Trial, the harder you come back’ was posted by Kajol. The trailer for Kajol’s future courtroom drama will come out on June 12, and it will be a Hotstar Special. In addition to Kajol, the new series The Trail will feature actors Kubra Sait, Alyy Khan, Jisshu U Sengupta, and others.

Kajol shared the image with the words, “The harder the trial, the harder you come back!” Watch the trailer for my play set in a courtroom. Pyaar Kanoon Dhokha will be part of #HotstarSpecials and #TheTrial on June 12.”

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Kajol was last seen in the movie Salaam Venky, which also starred Vishal Jethwa and Aamir Khan (in a small role). Revathy was in charge of making the movie, and it came out last year. The actress will next be seen in Lust Stories 2, a collection of short films on Netflix. Kajol is best known for her roles in films like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham…, Baazigar, Gupt, Dushman, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, and My Name Is Khan, to name a few.

Why Does Kajol Take Break From Social Media?

Kajol shared a note which read, “Facing one of the toughest trials of my life.” The actor captioned it, “Taking a break from social media.” While Kajol did not mention the reason behind this decision, many asked if it is part of promotion for her upcoming web show, The Good Wife. Director P Malhotra also wrote in comments, “When is the good wife trailer out.”

What Happened to Kajol?

Others asked her to come back to social media, too. One of Kajol’s fans replied to her Instagram post by writing, “I hope that the break does you great good and I wish you the very best as you navigate the tough parts of life. Prayers and love❤️,” while another posted, “We always love you!! Hope you fine mam hugs full of love from afar ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤.”

“Sending you all my love ❤️. Take your time ❤️🥹”, “We will miss you sm!❤️❤️”, “Asap come back 🥺❤️,” are a few other reactions.

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Fans Express Concern on Kajol Latest Post

People who care about Kajol online were worried by what she wrote. A fan wrote, “Concerned.. sending you my best wishes.” “What happened, ma’am?” asked someone else. Hope everything is fine.”

In the meantime, many people sent her good thoughts and told her to stay strong no matter what she was going through. “I hope the break does you a lot of good, and I wish you the best as you get through the hard parts of life. “Prayers and love,” said someone on the Internet. One of them wrote, “I hope that everything in your life goes well. Kajol, you are strong. You will definitely get through it all. It is still not clear if this is a way to promote a new movie or if Kajol is really going through a hard time.


Kajol’s mysterious post was a way to get people interested in her upcoming courtroom drama series, ‘The Trial, the harder you come back’, which will come out on June 12. Kajol took a break from social media to promote her upcoming web show, The Good Wife. Fans expressed concern and sent her good thoughts, but it is unclear if it is a way to promote a new movie or if she is really going through a hard time.

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