Where is Rand Gauthier Now? Did Rand Gauthier Go to Jail?

Where is Rand Gauthier Now? Pam & Tommy on Hulu takes viewers back to one of the dirtiest real-life crimes of the ’90s: the theft and mass distribution of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s secret se* tape. Pam & Tommy shows both the private horror Anderson and Lee went through during this time and the crazy tale of how the tape became famous in the first place. Rand Gauthier, played by Seth Rogen, is in charge of both of these plots.

In the first episode of the new season of Pam & Tommy, the story is told from Rand’s point of view. He is a builder who struggles to meet the ever-changing needs of his client Tommy Lee (Sebastian Stan). Worse, Lee hasn’t paid Rand or his coworkers for their work over the past few months.

Tommy fires Rand when he tries to stand up to him. Later, Rand goes back to the house to get his tools, and Tommy pulls a gun on Rand. Rand comes up with a crazy plan to get back at the drummer. He will sneak into the estate and steal Tommy’s safe by knowing how the security system works. Rand thought the safe would only have guns and jewelry in it. Also, he found the notorious se* tape.

Who is Rand Gauthier?

Rand Gauthier grew up in Los Angeles. As a child, he was very interested in cults and plots. Before he worked with Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, Gauthier not only dated a p*rn actress in the 1980s, but he also appeared in over 70 p*rn movies under the name “Austin Moore.”

where is rand gauthier now

Gauthier made adult videos, but he was also an electrician. He was hired to help Lee remodel his house, which fans of the show saw. Even though he only worked there for three months before being fired, he was blamed for the theft because he was working on the makeover at the time of the theft.

Where is Rand Gauthier Now?

Rand Gauthier in real life is now 65 years old. He lives in Santa Rosa, California, which is northwest of Sonoma and Napa, and is known for its wines and the Charles M. Schulz museum. You know, the person who made Peanuts. Pam & Tommy’s ending says that Gauthier grows weed there and tries to tell people that he stole the se* tape of Pam and Tommy, but no one believes him. Gauthier is one of the most mysterious people in this story because it’s almost impossible to find an official public picture of him.

Amanda Chicago Lewis, a reporter for Rolling Stone, talked to Gauthier in 2014 for a story that would later become the basis for Hulu’s Pam & Tommy. At the time, Gauthier didn’t seem too sorry about taking the tape. He said, “It was cute. They’re a couple and in love, and they’re just having fun together, which I think is great…I am envious. I wish I had something similar.”

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Did Rand Gauthier Go to Jail?

In fact, no. After Gauthier put the se* tape online, bootleggers stole copies and started passing them around. He couldn’t sue the pirates because he stole the tape and didn’t own the rights to it.

where is rand gauthier now

Mob boss Louis “Butchie” Peraino loaned Gauthier money, and he wanted it back. So, according to Rolling Stone, Gauthier had to work for the mob to pay off his loan. Gauthier now lives a pretty low-key life. He doesn’t have a public social media account, and there aren’t any pictures of him online from the last few years.

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Pam & Tommy on Hulu follows the story of the theft and mass distribution of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s secret se* tape in the ’90s. Rand Gauthier, a builder, struggles to meet the changing needs of his client, Tommy Lee. He fires Rand and plans to steal Tommy’s safe. Gauthier, a 65-year-old man from Santa Rosa, California, is known for his work on the Charles M. Schulz museum and his involvement in the show. He has never been arrested, and his story remains a mystery.

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