Where is Fred Now? What Happened to Fred?

Where is Fred Now? Lucas is no longer producing content featuring Fred. His final video was also uploaded in 2012 before the channel was abandoned for years, despite still having millions of subscribers. However, due to Fred’s success, the channel was relaunched with new programming. In 2014, he was rebranded with videos intended specifically at children.

Fans of YouTube in 2005 are aware that the platform has changed significantly since then. The type of content and numerous creators have come and gone, and many of them now appear to be a distant memory. A young individual known by the alias Fred Figglehorn was one of YouTube’s first prominent content producers.

Fred, a 6-year-old boy with a high-pitched voice who was created by Lucas Cruikshank at the age of 13, was adored by admirers. He acquired millions of subscribers, and at one point in 2012, he even had a Nickelodeon show. In addition, there were numerous TV movies.

Is Fred a character at present? And today, what is Lucas doing? Here are the known facts.

Where is Fred Now?

Long ago, Lucas Cruikshank, best known by his online moniker Fred Figglehorn, was a very popular YouTuber. In 2010, ABC News reported that he had attained the pinnacle of his popularity and amassed a total of 50 million subscribers. He owned a highly profitable franchise.

Where is Fred Now?

Because he resided in Nebraska at the time, he did not realize how popular he had become. He commuted to and from Los Angeles only. When he was in Nebraska, he led an entirely ordinary existence.

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What is Lucas Cruikshank Doing Now?

Now, Lucas has a YouTube channel without Fred that has over 3.2 million subscribers. This one focuses primarily on commentary, with occasional self-referential posts. He writes evaluations and discusses reality television and influencers. And he occasionally recalls his past with Fred.

Lucas reads his book, Fred Figglehorn Hackin’ Awesome School Jokes, in one of his videos. Lucas stated that at this point in his career as Fred, he was willing to accept any notion that was presented to him, which is how the book came to be. On his channel, he reacts to Fred videos, movies, and television programs, and discusses many behind-the-scenes events.

Lucas has stated in videos that he had to memorize pages of lines because his Nickelodeon program consisted primarily of him speaking to the camera. In addition, he stated that when he requested a teleprompter from the corporation, he was denied. In addition, he claimed that while filming the second Fred film, the director told him to view the first one because he “wasn’t being Fred enough.”
The movies and television shows are all available for purchase on Amazon, excluding the Fred channel. And if you’re seeking merchandise, you may be in luck. Lucas previously held a limited sale for newly made merchandise, which is still being resold online. It is possible that he would do it again if the demand is sufficient.

What Happened to Fred?

Fred’s prosperity exceeded that of the internet. The renowned online character received his own film in 2010 and a Nickelodeon television series in 2012. After 2012, however, the Fred YouTube channel changed drastically. Cruikshank transferred his YouTube channel to younger creators in 2015. According to the channel’s description, Cruikshank wished to provide other children with a creative expression, and parents could submit videos for uploading to the channel. The last video was uploaded in July 2015, so this did not last.

Where is Fred Now?

However, the absence of the “Fred” character does not imply the absence of Cruikshank. The online sensation now publishes his new content on a second channel called “Lucas.” The format has shifted from comedic character portrayal to reaction videos. Cruikshank and his sibling Jacob also co-host a podcast called The Bro Show in which they discuss various topics.

Cruikshank may not be as popular as he once was, but he is still active online. Even though his format has shifted from comedy to response videos, he continues to entertain an audience. He was iconic then, and he continues to be iconic now. And yes, if you grew up with Fred and want to see this rambunctious and boisterous child as an adult, you should check out his more recent videos.


Lucas Cruikshank, known as Fred Figglehorn, was a popular YouTuber with millions of subscribers and a successful franchise. He created a 6-year-old boy with a high-pitched voice and had a Nickelodeon show in 2012. Now, he has a YouTube channel without Fred with over 3.2 million subscribers, focusing on commentary, evaluations, reality television, and influencers. Cruikshank transferred his channel to younger creators in 2015, aiming to provide children with creative expression. Although the Fred channel has shifted from comedy to response videos, Cruikshank continues to entertain audiences with his new content on “Lucas.”
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