What Happened to Gavi? Gavi’s Injury Latest Update!

What Happened to Gavi? The 19-year-old midfielder Gavi has been very important for both Spain and his team, Barcelona, in 2022 or so. The young player had been in good shape and making regular plays for his club and for his country.

Gavi has played in 15 games for FC Barcelona so far this 2023–2024 season. In these games, he has scored two goals and set up one. His number may not be very impressive, but his presence in the middle of the field has helped both Spain and Barcelona play better recently.

Reports say, though, that the 19-year-old got hurt during Spain’s recent UEFA Euro Qualifier match against Georgia. During the first half, Spain’s number nine had to be taken off the field because he seemed to hurt his leg.

Who is Gavi?

Gavi is a very good professional football player from Spain. His skills as a center midfielder have earned him fame, and he plays for both Barcelona in La Liga and the Spain national team.

Gavi has won a lot of important awards and accomplishments in football. He won the famous Golden Boy award in 2022, which is given to the best young football player in Europe. At the 2022 Ballon d’Or event, Gavi was also given the Kopa Trophy, which is an award given by France Football. These awards show how skilled, talented, and important he is to the field, especially for his age.

What Happened to Gavi?

Gavi, a defender for Barcelona, will be out for a long time because he hurt his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in Spain’s 3-1 win over Georgia in a Euro 2024 qualifying game. Several sources have said that Gavi’s injury was very bad, which means that he will need a long time to heal.

A spokesperson for the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) confirmed the report and sent the news to Barcelona. The club is going to do more tests on Gavi’s right knee to see how bad the injury is. In the first half of the game, Gavi hurt himself when he fell badly while controlling the ball after colliding with Luka Lochoshvili of Georgia.

What Happened to Gavi?

After the game, Spain coach Luis de la Fuente was upset and worried, saying that Gavi is “broken” and “destroyed.” That was the most bitter win he had ever had in his career, which shows how much the injury hurt the team emotionally. Gavi, who is 19 years old, looked very upset, and the teacher agreed that the situation was very bad.

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Gavi’s Injury Latest Update

At first, people were hopeful that Gavi would be able to leave the field with the help of Spain’s medical staff. Still, later tests and observations showed how bad the damage really was. Ferran Torres, a teammate of Gavi’s at Barcelona, celebrated his goal by lifting Gavi’s No. 9 shirt in a touching act of unity.

Gavi Injury Diagnosis and Further Tests

A representative for the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) confirmed the finding and told Barcelona about it. For Barcelona to fully understand how bad Gavi’s injury is, they will do more tests on his right knee. The event happened in the first half of the game when Gavi landed badly after a collision with Luka Lochoshvili of Georgia while he had the ball.

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Team Reaction on Gavi’s Injury

Spain’s coach, Luis de la Fuente, talked about his worry and sadness after the game by calling Gavi “broken” and “destroyed.” According to De la Fuente, it was the worst win of his career. He said this to show how much the injury hurt the team’s emotions. Gavi, who was 19 years old, was clearly upset, and the teacher understood how serious the situation was.


19-year-old midfielder Gavi, a key player for Spain and Barcelona, has been injured in a UEFA Euro Qualifier match against Georgia. The injury, which has left him out for a long time, is believed to be severe and will require more tests on his right knee. Gavi’s coach, Luis de la Fuente, expressed his concern and sadness after the game, calling it the worst win of his career. Barcelona is set to conduct further tests on Gavi’s knee to assess the extent of the injury.

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