What Happened to Joe Burrow? Joe Burrow Injury Latest Update!

What Happened to Joe Burrow? On Thursday, the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow had to be taken away on a stretcher because he hurt his lower right leg. After the 26-year-old player was checked out, head coach Zac Taylor told the media that he had hurt his calf.

Later, ESPN’s Dianna Russini said the injury was a leg strain, and James Rapien of Sports Illustrated said Burrow will miss some time but is “going to be fine.” The QB grabs his calf on the field after pulling up in the middle of a stride during practice. He seemed to have the calf up his sleeve already.

When Taylor talked to the media, it was still not clear what exactly happened to Burrow’s calf. His answers were short, but he did say that Burrow “felt good” before practice and might have been wearing the sleeve because he had been sore since Day 1. Taylor said, “There’s no message, this is football,” when asked what he would say to the team. “Guys get hurt and maybe it’s just a day thing, but who knows? We don’t send a message to the team every time someone dies.”

What Happened to Joe Burrow?

As soon as people heard about the accident, one of the biggest worries was that his left leg, which had torn ACL three years ago, might have a new problem. In Week 11 of the 2020 season, when the QB was still a rookie, he took a low hit and tore multiple ligaments in his left knee. This ended his season before it was supposed to.

What Happened to Joe Burrow?

In 2021, he was fully healthy again and led the Bengals to a surprise spot in the AFC Championship Game. There, he led an 18-point comeback against Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs away from home, but the Bengals lost Super Bowl LVI. In Cincinnati’s most recent season, Mahomes and the Chiefs beat them again in the AFC Championship Game, but this time it was for payback.

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Joe Burrow Injury Update

Thursday, during one of the Bengals’ training camp practices, quarterback Joe Burrow dodged getting hurt badly. The quarterback got hurt on the field and had to be carried to the locker room. Head coach Zac Taylor later said that Burrow had hurt his leg.

It’s not clear how much time he will miss or how bad the injury was, but the worst-case situation, which would have been an Achilles injury because of how he left the game, didn’t happen.

What Happened to Joe Burrow?

Any player wouldn’t want to miss training camp, but it’s better to miss some practice time than the whole season, which is what would have happened to the QB if he had hurt his Achilles or, even worse, tore his ACL.

When you look more closely at what happened, you can see that Burrow stepped up and did a pump fake before moving to his right. Right away, he jumps up with his right leg in the air, and the game stops when he hits the ground:

Burrow will soon agree to a new deal with the Bengals. The deal’s starting point is $53 million per year, which would make him the highest-paid quarterback in NFL history. He would pass Justin Herbert of the Los Angeles Chargers, who just signed for $52.5 million, as the highest-paid quarterback ever.

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Who is Joe Burrow’s Backup Quarterback?

In May, the Bengals gave Trevor Siemian a one-year contract to be the team’s No. 2 quarterback. After Siemian played for the Chicago Bears in 2022, the team let him go in March. He played in two games and started one. He completed 15 of 26 passes for 184 yards, a score, and an interception.

Siemian was taken by the Denver Broncos in the seventh round of the 2015 NFL Draft. He went to college at Northwestern. He has been all over the NFL. After his first three seasons in Denver, he signed with five different teams. These teams are the Bears, the New York Jets, the Tennessee Titans, the New Orleans Saints, and the New Orleans Saints. His biggest time as a starter was in Denver, where he played 24 games during the 2016–17 seasons.


Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow sustained a leg injury during practice, causing him to miss some time. Head coach Zac Taylor confirmed the injury was a leg strain, but Burrow’s condition remains unclear. The injury occurred during a training camp practice, and Burrow will soon agree to a new deal with the Bengals, starting at $53 million per year. He would become the highest-paid quarterback in NFL history, surpassing Justin Herbert. Burrow’s backup quarterback is Trevor Siemian, who signed with the Bears, New York Jets, Tennessee Titans, New Orleans Saints, and New Orleans Saints.

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