Top 10 Educational Video Games

Students can explore and construct in a virtual world while learning coding, math, and other academic abilities with this well-known game.

Minecraft Education Edition

As they guide a band of settlers westward across the nation in this timeless game, children learn about American history.

Oregon Trail

While playing this game, children can learn about geography while attempting to find the elusive thief Carmen Sandiego.

Carmen Sandiego

Students are challenged to lead the Zoombinis through a variety of difficulties and obstacles in this logic and problem-solving game.


As they construct and launch their own spacecraft, children learn about rocket science and space exploration through this game.

Kerbal Space Program

This website provides a selection of educational games and exercises that instruct students in computer science and coding.

This website provides a selection of entertaining and interesting typing courses and activities that aid students in developing their typing abilities.


Students learn about urban planning and city administration while playing this game and creating and running their own virtual city.


This game provides a selection of maths activities and games to assist pupils develop their mathematical abilities.

Math Blaster

Through a range of entertaining and stimulating tasks and games, this game helps young pupils develop their reading and language skills.

Reader Rabbit

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