Top 10 Dangerous Video Game

Mortal Kombat has had a lasting impact on gaming, leading to the creation of the ESRB rating system and the highest-selling fighting game franchise of all time.

Mortal Kombat

Manhunt is a stealth action game that features James Earl Cash, a prisoner on death row, murdering gang members using household items.


Postal is an isometric shooting game about committing random acts of violence, exploring the psychological condition of an active shooter.


Doom is a first-person shooter that has left its mark on gaming, with its violence and Glory Kill mechanic adding to the mayhem and mayhem.


Gears of War has been praised for its realistic combat and brutal hand-to-hand kills, and celebrities such as Terry Crews and Batista have expressed interest in playing the game's iconic characters in a film adaptation.

Gears Of War

GTA has faced controversies and legal battles, but has stuck to its guns and become the second-highest-selling game of all time, beaten only by Minecraft.

Grand Theft Auto

Kratos is on a quest to seek revenge on the Gods, and God of War's latest entry, Ragnarök, swept the 2022 Game awards. However, its internal blueprint of intense violence has not gone away, with plenty of decapitation and dismemberment.

God Of War

Splatterhouse is a 2D arcade game with 3D graphics and more gore than before. Players take control of Rick, a student possessed by the Terror Mask, who rips, tears, and shoots through horrors.


Dead Space is a unique game that features Isaac, a space miner, trapped in a space station with undead alien zombies. He is forced to use whatever tools he has at hand to dispose of any threats left in his path. It is influenced by Resident Evil in terms of gameplay and concept.

Dead Space

The Resident Evil series revolutionized the survival-horror genre by putting players in a zombie-infested world with limited ammo and weapons, making each encounter life-or-death.

Resident Evil

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