Dan Williams

We go behind the scene of his famous Soho restaurant, where Dan will show us what inspires him this season and how he plans his menu accordingly.

Training has various benefits. The first is finishing a lengthy bike, breathing in water, or completing a 5k under 12:00.

Weight Loss

Weight loss comes first. Yes, those who have read my site for a time have heard me complain about my inability to lose weight consistently.

The weight comes off slowly, grudgingly, pound by pound, only to inch back up occasionally as if my body is saying “don’t get too full of yourself, buddy, I control you still”.


I took pride (funny how a person can find pride in unpleasant things) in the fact that my tummy was not "flabby" when I was at my heaviest. 

Though enormous, my midsection was hard because I had decent chest and leg muscle mass. Drum tight. The stomach has gotten flabby after I lost weight (58′′ waist to 46′′). 

Personal Cycling Discoveries

I've had three road bikes (a rented LeMonde, a Scott Speedster, and now my Litespeed C1), a mountain bike (a repaired Giant frame), and a Scott Plasma 20 TT bike (since sold). 

A road bike is harder to stand on than a TT bike. Why is this? my body's position.

Race and climb with a small crankset and 11-28 cassette. My Litespeed changed everything.

Even though it's terrifying, riding in aero downhill is exciting, and road bikes give you more control.

Lovebugs taste better than grasshoppers. It might be taste.

Learn to ride with my mouth closed and breathe Nuke-style via my eyelids.

It's satisfying to get off the bike and sweat like a river. Sweating like that is macho.

They're great, and when motivation wanes, they drive you to the next level. It's been great so far.

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