Charlotte Powdrell’s Net Worth After Lawsuit

Charlotte Powdrell’s Net Worth After Lawsuit: After she sued Israel Adesanya, Charlotte Powdrell’s net worth has been talked about a lot online.

Charlotte Powdrell, a real estate agent, recently made headlines when she married Israel Adesanya, a former boxer, kickboxer, and mixed martial artist.

Net Worth

UFC bantamweight Sean O'Malley thinks Adesanya may be sued for half of his projected $4 million net worth for his public criticism of Powdrell.

If Powdrell wins her case, she could have assets worth $2 million. This means that her net worth will be more than $2 million.

O’Malley considers it odd that Powdrell seeks half of Adesanya’s assets considering they were never married. O'Malley commented on YouTube.

Since the lawsuit, Powdrell has been criticized. Since Israel Adesanya called Charlotte Powdrell a cash digger, she has been in the news.

Charlotte Powdrell's Property

Charlotte Powdrell, Israel Adesanya's ex-girlfriend, sells houses. Her Charlotte property and trades are private. Her money is secret.

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