Zomato Net Worth: Owner Net Worth, Share Price and Revenue

Zomato Net Worth: Gurugram-based Zomato has become very famous because it lets people find new restaurants and have their food delivered right to their door. As a result, more and more business owners are using this online food service system because it saves them money and is easy to use. To figure out why Zomato is profitable and successful in the food service business, it is important to look at how it works and how quickly it has grown in recent years.

Zomato Net Worth

In 2023, Zomato will be worth between $5 and $6 billion, which shows how hard they are working to grow and improve their business processes and make money. Zomato also gets money from things like in-app ads, subscriptions, their food delivery service, and Zomato Gold, in addition to commissions from businesses and delivery fees. Zomato also puts on food events for which people pay a small fee to get a ticket.

Zomato Owner Net Worth

Deepinder Goyal comes from a family of teachers in Punjab, where she was born. In 2005, he got his degree in Mathematics and Computing from IIT Delhi. When he worked at Bain and Company in the capital city, he saw that his coworkers wanted to order cards.

Zomato Net Worth

Seeing a chance, he started his own business in 2008 by starting Foodiebay, which later changed its name to Zomato in 2010. At the moment, he owns 5.5 percent of the company. In 2020, he owned 7.7 percent, but in 2022, he cut that down to 5.5 percent. When Zomato went public in 2021, Goyal’s net worth went up by a lot, to $650 million. His net worth, however, was Rs. 2030 crore as of September 30, 2022.

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Goyal made a big pay of more than Rs. 3 crore per year in FY 2020. In FY21, this dropped to Rs. 1.96 crore. He later said that for the next three years, he would not take an income. Gunjan Patidar is CTO of Zomato and makes Rs. 1.5 crore. Akshant Goyal is CFO and makes Rs. 3.2 crore. Rahul Ganjoo, who is in charge of food service, makes Rs. 2.9 crore a year. In 2022, Goyal got shares from an ESOP that were worth Rs. 387 crores. He was very kind and gave Rs. 700 crores from his ESOP to the Zomato Foundation, which helps the company’s transportation partners.

Revenue of Zomato

The consolidated revenue grew by 70% from the previous year to hit Rs. 2,056 crores. Even though the net loss was less than the expected Rs. 356 crores, the total revenue was not quite as much as the Rs. 2,122 crores. Zomato’s combined net loss went from Rs. 360 crores last year to Rs. 188 crores this year, which is better than Rs. 360 crores last year and Rs. 345 crores last quarter.

The company’s main business, which is food delivery, brought in Rs. 1,530 crores in income for the fourth quarter of FY22, up from Rs. 1,284 crores the year before. The business-to-business (B2B) vertical also grew a lot. It made Rs. 478 crores in income, up from Rs. 194 crores the year before.

The gross order value in the food delivery business went up year over year, from Rs. 5,853 crores to Rs. 6,569 crores, but it went down from Rs. 6,680 crores in the previous quarter of FY22. During FY23, Zomato was able to cut its loss from Rs. 1,209 crores the year before to Rs. 971 crores. Also, Zomato’s sales went up by a big 69%, hitting Rs. 7,079 crores.

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Zomato Share Price

As of July 2023, Zomato’s market cap was $8.19 billion, making it the 1794th most valuable company in the world. Market capitalization, also called “market cap,” is the total value of an openly traded company’s outstanding shares. It is a common way to measure how much a company is worth as a whole.

Zomato Net Worth

Zomato’s value has gone up a lot. It is now worth $8.59 billion, which is a big jump from its previous value of $5.4 billion. The lockdowns that were put in place because of the pandemic were a big reason for the rise in online food orders, which is a pretty big deal.

Today, Zomato’s ending price on the stock market was Rs. 78.05, which is down by 2.62%. In May, however, Zomato’s stock price went down by 6% after it was reported that Invesco had lowered Swiggy’s value. By the end of the trading day, the price of a Zomato share dropped as low as Rs. 60.94, which is equal to 74 U.S. cents. This caused a loss of market value of over $400 million.


Gurugram-based Zomato, an online food service system, has gained popularity due to its cost-effective and user-friendly features. In 2023, Zomato is expected to be worth between $5 and $6 billion, with revenue growing by 70% from the previous year to Rs. 2,056 crores. The company’s main business, food delivery, generated Rs. 1,530 crores in income for the fourth quarter of FY22, while the business-to-business vertical also saw growth. Zomato’s market cap was $8.19 billion as of July 2023, making it the 1794th most valuable company globally. The pandemic-induced lockdowns contributed to the rise in online food orders, with Zomato’s stock price dropping by 2.62%.

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