Zach Bryan and His Girlfriend Deb Peifer Breakup: Why Happened Between the Couple!

They were meant to be together, but not for long. Zach Bryan, a country music singer, and his lover, Deb Peifer, have broken up. The musician wrote about their split on Twitter, which is a microblogging site.

The singer of “Letting Someone Go” recently posted on Twitter that he and his girlfriend, Deb Peifer, broke up a week and a half ago. Keep scrolling down to find out why the couple broke up.

Zach Bryan and His Girlfriend Deb Peifer Breakup

The singer of “Something in the Orange” told his fans all over the world on Wednesday that he and his lover Deb Peifer are no longer together. He did this on his Twitter page.

Zach Bryan and His Girlfriend Deb Peifer Breakup

Zach wrote, “For the sake of honesty and respect, I want everyone to know that Debra and I broke up about a week and a half ago. We’re both happy with how things are, and we both have a lot of good memories to take with us. I beg everyone to give her and me our space during this hard time.”

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Bryan said in a separate tweet, “And me playing “All the Time” last night had nothing to do with what I said before. I got a lot of direct messages from people asking me to play it, so I figured it was about time I did.”

What Fans Have Said About Their Divorce?

After being married for a year, the couple chose to go their separate ways. Many of Zach’s fans went on social media and blogs to try to figure out what went wrong. Many of them accused the Grammy-nominated musician of cheating on Rose. Even though it’s been said, Zach and his ex haven’t talked about the reports about why they broke up in public.

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Zach Bryan Was Previously Married to Rose Madden

You read that correctly. Before he started dating Deb Peifer, the singer of “The Greatest Day of My Life,” who had previously served in the US Army, was married to Rose Madden.

Zach Bryan and His Girlfriend Deb Peifer Breakup

In the year 2020, they got married. In July 2020, Zach and Madden got married at Colchuck Lake in Washington. The next month, he told them again that they were getting married. They chose to end their marriage after one year because it wasn’t meant to last forever.

Zach Bryan Made News Recently When He Kicked a Fan Out of His Performance

A few days after he broke up with Deb, Bryan kicked a female fan out of his show in Albany, New Jersey, because she tried to grab his guitar. Then, a lot of fans posted videos of what happened on social media.

In one of the online videos, you can hear the country singer say, “Get her out of here” as he walks through the crowd at the MVP Arena. He tweeted after the show, “I give out J-45s at a lot of shows.”

Zach said, “The one I was holding when this happened was mine, my sweet old gal. We’ve been everywhere together and written every song in the last few years. I took it personally, but I don’t have anything against the guy who got kicked out.”

Zach Bryan and His Girlfriend Deb Peifer Breakup

In a follow-up tweet, the singer of “Sun to Me” said, “I don’t mind people being respectful and trying to touch me or the guitar, but if you try to rip it out of my hands, I promise I’ll respectfully rip you out of whatever venue we’re at.”

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