Good News for Yamaha Lovers- Yamaha Develops TY-E 2.0 Electric Trials Bike!

Riders typically bounce on rocks, blast up nearly vertical hills, or roll over thin logs on lightweight two-stroke motorcycle trials, which are the ultimate test of sheer talent and delicate control, but strong electric drivetrains are quietly vying for attention.

Yamaha Develops Ty-E 2.0 Electric Trials Bike, which the company claims have been designed to give riders more fun than they can have on the two-stroke machines typically seen and heard in trials events. Yamaha claims this is accomplished by utilizing appealing qualities of electric drivetrains like powerful torque and quick acceleration.

The TY-E 2.0 weighs only a little more than 70 kg (154 lb) and is constructed around a new monocoque frame with an X-shaped rib that uses composite laminates to keep things light and robust.

Engineers have redesigned the electric power unit and battery for a lower center of gravity compared to the 2018 model, and the Li-ion battery is rumored to have 2.5 times more capacity with only a 20 percent weight increase. The setup utilizes a flywheel and a mechanical wet, multi-plate clutch, but the power unit has been modified for enhanced response and traction.

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Yamaha has revealed that the TY-E 2.0 will have a minimum ground clearance of 340 millimeters (13.4 inches), but more information will likely be revealed on March 25 when the motorcycle is displayed at the company’s exhibit at the 49th Tokyo Motorcycle Show. Then, beginning in June of 2022, the electric trials cycle will compete in select rounds of the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme Trial World Championship.

Yamaha Develops TY-E 2.0 Electric Trials Bike

In June of this year, the brand-new TY-E 2.0 is slated to compete in the FIM Trial World Championship with Kenichi Kuroyama of the Yamaha Factory Racing Team, who also serves as the machine’s development rider. At the 49th Tokyo Motorcycle Show, which will take place from March 25 to 27, the TY-E 2.0 will also be on display at the Yamaha Motor pavilion.

Specifications of TY-E 2.0 Electric Trials Bike

Overall Length × Width × Height 2,003 mm × 830 mm × 1,130 mm
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Frame Type CFRP Monocoque
Curb Weight Over 70 kg
Motor Type AC synchronous electric motor
Clutch Hydraulic, Wet, Multi-plate
Minimum Ground Clearance 340 mm
Wheelbase 1,310 mm

The Following Are Some Salient Characteristics of the TY-E 2.0 Electric Trials Bike

1. A laminated composite monocoque frame

The monocoque structure of the TY-E 2.0 is built of composite laminates, which helps to reduce weight and maximize rigidity. In order to obtain a substantially lower center of gravity than the previous model, the design of the power unit and battery was examined and updated.

2. New lightweight battery with roughly 2.5 times the capacity

With a new high-capacity battery that has a better output density, Yamaha was able to boost the capacity by nearly 2.5 times while reducing the weight gain by around 20%.

3. Power unit improved with the use of mechanical components and electronic control

Compared to the previous model, traction has been increased by combining mechanical components like the clutch and flywheel with precisely calibrated electronic motor control that can detect minute variations in grip.

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