WPL UP Warriorz Team: You Can Find Out About Women’s Team Prices, Auction And More! 2023

WPL UP Warriorz Team: Here, you can look at the WPL UP Warriorz Team 2023 Player List, Prices, Auction, Captain Name, and other details. Women will be more likely to turn their passions into careers because of the Women IPL. Many young girls want to play sports for their country and make everyone proud. The WIPL is one way to encourage and give them the status they deserve. WPL UP Warriorz Team 2023 Players List, Prices, Auction, Captain, and other exciting news about one of the best teams.

The 2023 WPL UP Warriorz Team

Capri Global Holdings is the owner of the WPL UP Warriorz Team right now. As soon as they step on the field, the Lucknow team will be called the UP Warriorz. So far, 16 players have been added to the team. Their money is all gone.

WPL UP Warriorz Team:

So far, the teams have spent a total of Rs. 59,500,000 to buy the best players in the world. The price started at 40 Lakhs. This is the most money that has ever been spent on women’s cricket.

WPL List of UP Warriorz Players 2023

The IPL games will start soon after the final teams are chosen. Lisa Sthalekar, Anju Jain, Jon Lewis, and Ashley Noffke will all be on this team.


Kiran Navgire
Shweta Sehrawat
Simran Shaikh


Parshavi Chopra
S. Yashasri
Sophie Ecclestone
Deepti Sharma
Devika Vaidya
Grace Harris
Tahlia Mcgrath


Alyssa Healy
Laxmi Yadav

WPL UP Warriorz Bowler:

Anjali Sarvani
Lauren Bell
Rajeshwari Gayakwad
Shabnim Ismail
As head coach, Jon Lewis will help the team. Anju Jain, who used to be captain of India, will be the team’s assistant coach. Last week, everyone saw the logo for the team UP Warriorz. Crane-Sarus make up the logo. It is also Uttar Pradesh’s state bird. It stands for poise, concentration, and balance.

IPL Lucknow Women’s Team Prices 2023

So far, 87 players have been sold, and about 30 of them are from outside the United States. Smriti Mandhana is the player who costs the most in the WIPL 2023. She was bought for 3,400,000 yen. Each franchise was given about Rs 12 Crore to use to buy players from the pool.

Players Name Countries Roles Auction amount
Tahila Mcgrath Australia All-rounder Rs 1.4 crore
Shabnim Ismail South Africa Bowler Rs 1 crore
Sophie Ecclestone England Bowler Rs 1.8 crore
Deepti Sharma India All-rounder Rs 2.6 crore
Alyssa Healy Australia Batter Rs 70 lakh
Parshavi Chopra India All-rounder Rs 10 lakh
Rajeshwari Gayakwad India Bowler Rs 40 lakh
S Yashasri India All-rounder Rs 10 lakh
Laxmi Yadav India Wicket-Keeper Rs 10 Lakh
Anjali Sarvani India Bowler, Rs 55 Lakh
Lauren Bell England Bowler Rs 30 Lakh
Grace Harris Australia All-Rounder Rs 75 Lakh
Kiran Navgire India Batter Rs 30 lakh
Shweta Sehwarat India Batter Rs 40 lakh
Devika Vaidya India All-rounder Rs 1.4 crore
Simran Shaikh India Batter Rs 10 Lakh

So far, 6 players have been chosen from outside the United States. There are 16 players who have been decided to be on either the UP Warriorz or the Lucknow team. The teams were told to choose between 15 and 18 people. Five of those can be from other countries.

WPL UP Warriorz Auction Team 2023

According to the news, billionaires Adani and Ambani will try to win control of teams. The auction was set to happen on February 13. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) made the announcement.

At the auction, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Capri Global, AdGroup, Mumbai Indians, and Delhi Capitals were the big five teams. The above-mentioned companies buy the players.

WPL UP Warriorz Team:

Rajesh Sharma, who is in charge of Capri Global, was very happy and said that they are very proud to be a part of this historic moment in the game of Cricket because they can help the talented women. He said that by breaking stereotypes, they hope to give athletes and women from all walks of life hope.


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WPL UP Warriorz Captain Team 2023

Deepti Sharma, who is great, is likely to be in charge of the Lucknow team. A. Chopra said she should be in the 3 Cr bracket. According to the news, Deepti Sharma was signed for a lot of money. For her to be the captain of the Lucknow team, she was offered about 2.6 Cr.

After the talented cricketer Smriti, the spin-bowling all-rounder is the second most expensive player. After the owners put together the video, the players now practice as a team. Tell us in the comments who your favorite player is out of those we’ve already listed.

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