Why Did TY Leave Heartland? Who is the Character TY Borden on Heartland?

Why Did TY Leave Heartland? Graham Wardle has been playing the part of Ty Borden on Heartland for a long time. He is one of the players who have been with the show for a long time. Graham Wardle is an actor, photographer, and director from Canada. He was born in Mission, British Columbia, on September 6, 1986. He and his five brothers grew up in a city near Vancouver called New Westminster. He then went to Capilano University’s Motion Picture and Production Program to learn more about making movies. In 2007, he finished this school in Vancouver and soon after, he got the part of Ty Borden in Heartland.

Graham Wardle was in more than just the part of Ty Borden. He was in a lot of commercials in 2007, both after he graduated from Capilano University and while he was still there. He also had a part in the movie In the Land of Women in 2007. In this movie, he worked with Meg Ryan and Adam Brody. This was before he played Ty Borden in Heartland. Graham Wardle has also been in the scary movie Yesterday and the movie Mon Ami.

Who is the Character Ty Borden on Heartland?

The character of Ty Borden first shows up in the show’s first season, and he stays there until Season 14 when he dies. At first, Ty is just a worker at Heartland, but he becomes a member of the family very quickly.

He had a hard time at home, and his stepfather, Wade, beat him up. Ty is arrested and sent to a youth detention center when he attacks his stepfather in an attempt to stop Wade from hurting his mother. After this, he is sent to work as punishment in Heartland. After he’s been there for a while, he starts to like it and wants to stay.

Graham Wardle with Amber Marshall

In the first season, Ty is told to stay away from Amy and Lou, but this doesn’t happen. He starts to like Amy more, and they become close because they both want to train a horse named Spartan. Ty and Amy, along with the rest of the family, have their ups and downs as the seasons change. They even find a place to live, get married, and have a daughter.

When Ty dies in Season 14, Amy and the rest of the family are devastated. In Season 13, a poacher shoots Ty, and as a result of the accident, he gets a blood clot in Season 14. This is what kills Ty Borden in the end.

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Why Did Graham Wardle Leave Heartland?

Graham Wardle was on the set of Heartland for many years and seasons. He played Amy Fleming’s beloved husband, Ty Borden, on the show. You might be wondering why Graham Wardle left his on-set family after all this time.

If this was what you were worried about, there are no bad feelings. Since 14 seasons is a long time for an actor to be mostly focused on or tied to one show, Graham Wardle just felt like he needed a change. He didn’t leave Heartland because of problems with the other players or with the rest of the people who work on the show. Graham Wardle left Heartland because he wanted to try new things, both as an actor and in other parts of his life, like his personal life.

Graham Wardle with Amber Marshall

Since he left Heartland, he has tried his hand at a few other projects and moved away from acting for a while. For example, after he left Heartland, one of the things he did was write a book. Find Your Truth is a collection of his words and photographs. It is only available in digital form right now.

There is also Time Has Come, Graham’s popular show. Graham sits down with different guests on this podcast, and they talk about their own journeys and how they were able to jump into the unknown on those adventures.

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What is Graham Wardle Doing After Heartland?

Graham Wardle began a show and wrote a book after he left Heartland. Now, he works on being a creative storyteller who uses different ways to express himself.

The show that Wardle makes is called Time Has Come. The podcast is called “What life is there for you outside of your comfort zone?” How do we get the strength, courage, and hope we need to get past the fears that stop us? Graham Wardle talks with his guests about their personal journeys and how they have gone beyond what is known and safe and into the unknown.

Wardle’s podcasts are conversations with different people. Even Amber Marshall, who plays his co-star on the show Heartland, is in one of his episodes. Wardle also has a podcast called Time Has Come. He has also put together a book of his writings and poems. Find Your Truth is a book that can only be bought online right now.

“Over ten years ago, I was asked to put my works into a book. I thought, “No one would read it, so why would I do that?” Well over 2,000 of them did, and I will always be thankful. “Thank you to everyone who bought my book and helped me out,” Wardle wrote on Instagram.


Graham Wardle, a Canadian actor, photographer, and director, has been playing Ty Borden on Heartland for years. Born in Mission, he attended Capilano University’s Motion Picture and Production Program and later played Ty Borden in the show. Wardle has also appeared in commercials and movies like In the Land of Women. Ty Borden’s character becomes a member of the family and becomes close to Amy and Lou. After Heartland, Wardle left the show to try new projects, such as writing a book and hosting a podcast called Time Has Come. He now works as a creative storyteller and continues to explore his personal journeys.

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