Why Did Steve Perry Leave Journey? Where is Steve Perry Now?

Why Did Steve Perry Leave Journey? We can’t live without classic rock music bands, and “Journey” is one of those bands. With songs like “Don’t Stop Believin,'” the band has made records that have sold millions of copies and won the hearts of fans. The band started in 1973, and when Steve Perry took over, they became famous very quickly. It had up to twenty-five golds, platinum albums, and hit songs that are thought to be some of the best.

But “Journey” fans were sad when lead singer Steve Perry chose to leave the band that made him famous. From 1977 to 1998, Steve was a member of the band. During that time, many unmatched goals were reached in both American music and rock music.

Even though Steve left, the band chose to keep going by getting a new singer to take his place. But why does Steve Perry really want to leave “Journey”? Today, we’re going to tell you the real reason why this choice was made, which changed the band’s future for good.

 Why Did Steve Perry Leave Journey?

After becoming famous as the lead singer for nine hit “Journey” records, Steve wanted to do more with his solo career. “Street Talk” was his first solo record, and it came out in 1984. Before getting back together in 1987, the band did take a short break, but their success was already set.

But Perry’s mother got sick out of the blue, and it was very hard for the singer to figure out and handle everything. So, this had an effect on the band, and the singer had to leave again before the group got back together for the last time in 1996. They put out a record, and when Perry went hiking in Hawaii, he got into an accident.

 Why Did Steve Perry Leave Journey?

After the accident, he couldn’t perform for the scheduled tour, and that escalated the tension existing between the members. As a matter of fact, the hip injury gradually led to the condition of the degenerative bone, and ultimately that required a critical hip replacement.

On the other hand, Perry was not looking forward to having the surgery immediately and wanted to postpone the tour. After 17 long months, he didn’t undergo the surgery. Finally, the other band members gave an ultimatum where they stated if the singer doesn’t get the surgery done, then they will end up hiring a new lead singer.

That sad thing did happen. When things got bad, the members had no choice but to get rid of Steve. In an interview from 2018, Steve said that whether he had surgery on his hip injury or not had nothing to do with the band’s business. In reality, it was something personal that only affected him and his family.

So, he made it clear that Perry had to leave the band for good because he hurt his hip. In another interview, he said that he never felt like he was “part of the band.” There were also a lot of disagreements with the boss, which all led to this mess.

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When was Steve Perry’s Last Concert?

Early in 1987, Steve Perry played his last full show with Journey. This was the end of the “Raised on Radio Tour.” After that, he did get back together with his bandmates for a special show in 1991 to honor music promoter Bill Graham, who had died.

What Happened to Steve Perry?

In an interview in 2018, the singer said that the choice to have surgery on his hip was the main reason he left the group. The singer didn’t think that the band should be involved in a personal decision he made about an injury that was hurting him and his family.

 Why Did Steve Perry Leave Journey?

Perry made it clear that he would be leaving the band for good. The band did get rid of him and put Steve Augeri in his place. In another interview, he said that he had never really felt like “part of the band.” In response, the band’s former manager, Herbie Herbert, sent out a statement saying that he was wrong.

He made this choice because he heard rumors that he didn’t get along with their boss. But it’s not clear whether or not these reports are true. Steve Perry did stop making music for a long time, even though he had a great career as an artist, both with Journey and on his own.

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Where is Steve Perry Now?

After leaving his band and putting out the record “For the Love of Strange Medicine,” Steve Perry stopped being in the music business. Even though he did a few interviews over the years, the artist said he had lost the ability and motivation to write songs, which upset his fans.

He has also sued his bandmates over the rights to his songs over the years, which shows that they don’t get along. But in 2018, Perry chose to finish his long-unfinished album “Traces,” which he used to start a solo career in music.

Fans still hold candles for him, even though he hasn’t announced any tours and has made it clear that he won’t be getting back together with his partners. We wish him the best in everything he does from now on.


“Journey” was a classic rock music band that gained fame from 1977 to 1998. Steve Perry, the lead singer, left the band due to personal reasons. After leaving the band, he had a hip injury that led to a critical hip replacement. The band decided to keep going by hiring a new lead singer. Perry left the band for good, stating that the decision was personal and not related to the band’s business.

He also mentioned that he never felt like part of the band and had disagreements with the band’s boss. Despite his great career, Perry has stopped making music and has sued his bandmates over the rights to his songs. Fans still hold candles for him, but he has not announced any tours or plans to reunite with his partners.

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