Why Did Laura Leigh Leave Vanderpump Rules? What Happened to Laura Leigh?

Why Did Laura Leigh Leave Vanderpump Rules? Laura-Leigh is a well-known American actress who is 32 years old. She was in the first season of the Bravo television show Vanderpump Rules. She got a lot of attention on the show. But she was only on Vanderpump Rules for a short time. Season 1 fans were shocked when she left the show. Laura-Leigh has been busy in the acting world and on social media since she left Vanderpump Rules. She has made a group of loyal friends by keeping them up to date on her daily life and talking to them on social media.

Even though it’s been a few years since Laura-Leigh left Vanderpump Rules, fans still want to know why she left, since she was such a big part of the show. According to WGTC, the actress left the Bravo show because she was working on a big movie project with Jennifer Aniston. This big movie project turned out to be the 2013 crime comedy We’re the Millers.

Why Did Laura Leigh Leave Vanderpump Rules?

Even though there have been 10 seasons of Vanderpump Rules, don’t worry if you need a review. We’re here to remind you of all the interesting details. Even though Laura-Leigh was only on the show for one season, she left a mark that will last. Laura-Leigh’s road to success led her to leave SUR, and after she celebrated being in a “huge movie with Jennifer Aniston” (which turned out to be We’re the Millers), she left Vanderpump Rules.

Why Did Laura Leigh Leave Vanderpump Rules?

Laura-Leigh didn’t waste any time after she left the restaurant. She got on a plane and went to North Carolina to start her journey as a 22-year-old actor. Some fans were upset, but Katie Maloney, who also worked at SUR, told Andy Cohen in an interview that Laura-Leigh wouldn’t be back for a second season no matter if she got a part in the movie or not.

Laura-Leigh is still doing well as an actor and is building on the short career she had before Vanderpump Rules. Before getting into reality TV, the Juilliard graduate had already been on several TV shows, including Gossip Girl, Law & Order, and Numb3rs. Even though she left SUR ten years ago, Laura Leigh can still be seen on TV and in movies from time to time. For example, she was in the 2015 movie Tooken, the 2018 movie Under the Silver Lake, and the TV show Blue Bloods.

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Fans still want her to come back to the show, especially after Gillian Jacobs said nice things about Laura Leigh on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. However, the chances of her coming back are still low. But, as the saying goes, “never say never.” For now, the actress can still be found on social media talking to her friends and giving us updates about her life.

What Happened to Laura Leigh From Vanderpump Rules?

Laura Leigh after Vanderpump Rules shows how strong and determined she is as an actor. Even though she left the reality show, she has continued to do well in the entertainment business by using what she learned on the show. Laura Leigh was already well-known before she joined Vanderpump Rules. She had been in famous TV shows like Gossip Girl, Law & Order, and Numbers. These early parts helped her build a career as an actress and opened the door to more chances in the future.

Why Did Laura Leigh Leave Vanderpump Rules?

Even though it’s been 10 years since she left SUR, Laura Leigh is still on our screens. She has been in TV shows and movies, like “Tooken” (2015), “Under the Silver Lake” (2018), and “Blue Bloods.” Even though fans have expressed hope that she might come back to Vanderpump Rules, and Gillian Jacobs was nice to her on an episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, it seems unlikely that she will return to the show. “Never say never,” as the saying goes, means “never say never.” Laura Leigh is still busy on social media, telling her fans about what’s going on in her life and talking with them.

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Where is Laura Leigh Now?

Laura-Leigh’s career in the entertainment business has continued to grow since she left Vanderpump Rules. Laura-Leigh was already a well-known actress before she appeared on the reality TV show. She had roles in famous TV shows like Gossip Girl, Law & Order, and Numb3rs.

Laura-Leigh has managed to stand out even after her time on Vanderpump Rules. Even though the show’s cast has changed over the years, her influence has stayed the same. Fans are interested in knowing where Laura-Leigh is now because they want to know what she’s been up to since she was on reality TV. In addition to her successful job and accomplishments, Laura-Leigh has made a name for herself in the entertainment world that will last long after her time on Vanderpump Rules.


Laura-Leigh, a 32-year-old American actress, left Vanderpump Rules after only one season. She left the show due to working on a movie project with Jennifer Aniston, We’re the Millers. Despite her departure, Laura-Leigh remains active in the acting world and social media, making a loyal group of friends. Despite her short acting career, she has continued to grow in the entertainment industry, with roles in popular TV shows like Gossip Girl, Law & Order, and Numbers. Despite fans’ hopes for a return to Vanderpump Rules, her chances of returning are still low. Laura-Leigh remains active on social media, sharing her life and updates with fans.

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