Why did Hardik Pandya Leave GT for MI? Hardik Pandya Breaks Silence!

Why did Hardik Pandya Leave GT for MI? Hardik Pandya joined the Gujarat Titans team before the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022 season began. In his first IPL season as captain, he led the Titans to win the title. The Gujarat Titans were led by Hardik Pandya all the way to the IPL Finals in 2023. There, they played the Chennai Super Kings and came up short.

Even though the leader of the Gujarat Titans had everything he could want, he chose to leave his team and join the Mumbai Indians in the IPL 2024 trade. Fans are interested in knowing the exact reason why Hardik Pandya quit GT. Fans have come up with some crazy ideas on social media, but this piece lays out the most likely reasons why Hardik Pandya might have left GT to join MI.

Why did Hardik Pandya Leave GT for MI?

Mumbai Indians was the first team that Hardik Pandya played for in the IPL. He has said many times that he is thankful for what MI has done for him. Could it be that Hardik Pandya left GT because he was loyal to the Mumbai Indians?

On top of the Rs 15 Crore that Gujarat Titans paid to keep Hardik Pandya, news has spread that Pandya is also getting an unknown amount of money as a transfer fee. This could be the reason why Pandya made the move. For Pandya, this is a good reason for his deal because, in the end, IPL is more about business than cricket.

Why did Hardik Pandya Leave GT for MI?

The Mumbai Indians are likely the most decorated team in IPL history, and Hardik Pandya could have been made leader of the team. Rohit Sharma’s career is at its peak, and it looks like he will retire before the IPL 2025 season starts. Hardik Pandya will then become the full-time captain of the Mumbai Indians. Instead, Hardik Pandya might be named leader in the IPL 2024 season itself.

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Hardik Pandya Breaks Silence After IPL Trade

After the deal between Hardik Pandya and Mumbai Indians in the IPL on November 27 was official, he broke his silence. Hardik has made a big move to join the Mumbai Indians (MI) again for the 2024 Indian Premier League (IPL) season. Pandya is coming back to his old team after playing for MI from 2015 to 2021 when he became a key member of the squad.

MI made a smart move by signing Pandya to a one-sided all-cash deal with Gujarat Titans (GT). The deal was reached after intense talks that ended after the IPL retention window closed on November 26. As part of the complicated financial aspects of this deal, Cameron Green was traded to Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), which gave MI the money it needed to buy Pandya. It is said that Pandya’s yearly salary at GT was ₦15 crore, and MI will now have to pay that amount.

During his time at GT, Pandya showed great leadership and success. After MI let him go before the IPL 2022 mega auction, he was picked up by the new Ahmedabad team, GT, and made captain. As captain, he led GT to great success. In their first year, they won the title, which had only been done before by Shane Warne’s team.

Gujarat Titans Also Break Silence On Hardik Pandya Trade

In the most exciting trade in the history of the Indian Premier League (IPL), Hardik Pandya made a fairy tale return home by joining the Mumbai Indians. He had two very successful seasons with the Gujarat Titans (GT), leading them to two finals and a title win in 2022.

Why did Hardik Pandya Leave GT for MI?

Many people in the cricket world are shocked that Gujarat decided to let go of Hardik. Not only are the defending champions losing their leader, but they are also losing a star all-rounder who is unmatched in Indian cricket. Vikram Solanki, the director of cricket for GT, said that the choice was made because Hardik asked to return to the Mumbai Indians. Hardik helped GT win the trophy, and Solanki thanked him for it.

“Hardik Pandya was the first captain of the Gujarat Titans and led the team to two great seasons, one in which they won the IPL championship and the other in which they made it to the final.” Now he has said that he wants to go back to his old team, Mumbai Indians. “We respect his choice and wish him the best of luck in everything he does from now on,” Solanki said in a statement sent to the Mumbai Indians.

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Hardik played 31 games for GT over the course of two years. He hit 833 runs at an average of 37.86 and took 11 wickets.
After being bought at auction for Rs. 10 lakh by the Rohit Sharma-led Mumbai Indians in 2015, Hardik began his IPL career with them. Hardik was a big reason why the MI won the title in 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2020. Overall, he played 92 games for MI and scored 1476 runs, with an average of 27.33 and a hit rate of 153.91. It was also 42 wickets that he got for them.


Hardik Pandya, the first captain of the Gujarat Titans, left the team to join Mumbai Indians in the IPL 2024 trade. The deal was reportedly a one-sided all-cash deal, with the Mumbai Indians paying Rs 15 crore and an unknown transfer fee. Pandya had two successful seasons with the Gujarat Titans, leading them to two finals and a title win in 2022.

The Mumbai Indians, led by Rohit Sharma, are likely the most decorated team in IPL history. Pandya’s choice to return to the Mumbai Indians is a surprise to many in the cricket world, as he helped the team win the trophy. The Mumbai Indians director of cricket, Vikram Solanki, expressed gratitude for Pandya’s decision.

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