Why did Eric Brady Leave Days of Our Lives? Who is the New Eric in Days of Our Lives?

Why did Eric Brady Leave Days of Our Lives? Here’s why the character of Eric Brady, played by Greg Vaughan, is being temporarily filled by another actor. ‘Days of Our Lives fans, we’ll be OK. Fans of Days of Our Lives who watch every show knew right away that Greg Vaughan, who played Eric Brady, changed the way he looked in different episodes. Greg left the show, right? It made sense to ask that question.

But the actor used social media to explain why Jason Gerhardt was playing Eric instead of him and to set the record right and say that Jason would only be playing Eric for a short time. Greg does plan to go back to Days of Our Lives as soon as he can. Read on to find out more about why the change happened, and rest assured that Eric as we know and love him won’t be leaving the soap for good.

Why did Eric Brady Leave Days of Our Lives?

Greg Vaughan, who had won a Daytime Emmy, quit Days of Our Lives so that Eric’s character wouldn’t be killed off. Jason, who used to work with the star on General Hospital, took over the role briefly while Greg took care of a health problem.

Why did Eric Brady Leave Days of Our Lives?

Greg told his friends about his health on Twitter, but he couldn’t be in front of the cameras for about a week because of it. “Unfortunately, I tested positive for COVID-19,” he said on August 3, 2023. He then told the audience, “My old friend and co-star Jason Gerhardt filled in for four or five shows that week.”

Soap Hub says that Jason’s shows were taped a long time ago, even though Greg’s tweet is from early August. Fans were confused by the fact that Greg seemed to have COVID-19 in early 2023. Greg probably felt the need to clear up the timeline in a later tweet because fans reacted in large numbers to his first post, wishing his health would get better soon.

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What Happened to Eric Brady on Days of Our Lives?

Greg Vaughan announced on Twitter on August 3 that the change in the group was true. He told them the bad news that they had tested positive for Covid-19. This new information showed how the ongoing pandemic is affecting TV shows, causing delays and changes that need to be made.

Vaughan’s confession showed how hard it can be for artists and production teams to deal with health problems while trying to keep their projects on track. People liked how honest he was, and it showed how human the entertainment business is and how it can be affected by things that are out of its control.

Why does Days of Our Lives Have a New Eric?

Greg Vaughan will be briefly replaced on Days of Our Lives because he won’t be able to finish the season before the show goes on holiday break at the end of 2022. Jason Gerhardt will play the part. He is known for his work on GENERAL HOSPITAL. Gerhardt has been in a lot of TV shows and movies, including MELISSA & JOEY, VEGAS, BONES, CSI, MISTRESSES, CHICAGO MED, and NCIS. He has also played parts in movies like Widow Detective, Inconceivable, and Beyond the Darkness.

Why did Eric Brady Leave Days of Our Lives?

Eric Brady, who has been played by many different actors over the years, is a key figure in ongoing storylines involving Nicole, Sloan, unborn children, and DNA tests that have been tampered with. Gerhardt’s temporary job makes sure that Eric’s interesting story keeps going until Vaughan comes back. The soap opera’s advanced filming plan lets these changes happen, which keeps the show’s flow smooth.

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Who Plays the Role of Eric in Days of Our Lives?

In Days of Our Lives, James Gregory Vaughan Jr. played Eric. The American actor who was born on June 15, 1973, is a good actor and used to be a fashion model. Vaughan is known for playing a wide range of parts, and some of his most famous soap opera roles were on The Young and the Restless (2002–2003), General Hospital (2003–2009), and Days of Our Lives (2012–present).

He also played Dan Gordon on the second season of Charmed, from 1999 to 2000. In 2016, Vaughan joined the drama series Queen Sugar on the Oprah Winfrey Network, taking on the part of Detective Calvin. His work path shows that he can move easily between soap operas and primetime TV, which has helped him become a big name in both genres.


Greg Vaughan, who played Eric Brady on Days of Our Lives, has temporarily replaced him on the show due to a health issue. Jason Gerhardt, who previously worked with Vaughan at General Hospital, will play the role temporarily. Vaughan announced the change on Twitter, stating that he tested positive for COVID-19 and that his friend and co-star, Jason Gerhardt, would fill in for four or five shows that week. Gerhardt’s temporary role ensures that Eric’s storyline continues until Vaughan returns. Vaughan, an American actor with a history of acting in soap operas and primetime TV, has a strong work ethic and ability to transition between both genres.

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