Why Did Dionne Warwick Cancel Illinois Show? Here’s What We Know!

Dionne Warwick puts her health first! A report from TMZ says that the popular singer had to cancel her upcoming show in Illinois on June 24 because of a medical emergency. It is known that she started having problems with one of her knees on June 15, 2023.

Because of the health problem, Warwick’s show on June 24 had to be cancelled. The Rivers Casino Des Plaines in Illinois sent an email to all the people who bought tickets to tell them that Dianne won’t be appearing on June 24. Find out more about the famous singer Dionne Warwick’s health and how she’s doing right now by reading on.

After Getting Sick, Dionne Warwick Has to Cancel a Show in Illinois

TMZ recently claimed that the 82-year-old singer started having problems with one of her legs on Thursday, which was enough for her to cancel her upcoming show in Illinois.

The newspaper said that Dionne is on the way to getting better, but it will take her some time to get better. The show was supposed to happen on June 24 at the Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, Illinois, which is near Chicago. The venue, Rivers Casino Des Plaines, sent an email to ticket holders telling them that the Chicago show had been cancelled.

Why Did Dionne Warwick Cancel Illinois Show

All of the people who bought tickets for the Illinois show got an email telling them that the show had been cancelled and that they would get their money back in full. TMZ got an email that said, “We’re sorry to tell you that Dionne Warwick’s show at Rivers Casino Des Plaines on June 24, 2023, has been cancelled due to a medical incident.”

The email went on to say, “All ticket sales will be refunded in full. Thank you for being able to understand. We hope to see you at another event sometime in the future.”

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Dionne also has shows on June 22 and June 23, but there hasn’t been any word that they will be cancelled. According to her official website, she will stop touring after the June 24 show. Then, on July 21, she will go back on stage in New York.

How Does Dionne Warwick Keep Her Body in Shape?

In a 2022 interview with Parade, the singer of “That’s What Friends Are For” said she lives her life to be happy. Then, she told the media source, “I don’t have what I call healthy habits. When she calls, I go to the doctor.”

Why Did Dionne Warwick Cancel Illinois Show

Dionne also said, “I eat whatever I want. I haven’t changed what I eat, and I don’t “work out,” but I guess I do that every night on stage. Most of all, I try to stay upbeat and keep stress out of my life. It works for me.”

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We hope that singer Dionne Warwick will get better soon. Check our website for more updates!

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