Why Did Carl Azuz Quit Working Currently on CNN 10? What Happened to Him? 2023

Why Did Carl Azuz Quit Working Currently on CNN 10? People want to know why, and they hope he comes back to the show.

Azuz is a reporter and news anchor who is best known for being the host of CNN 10, which used to be called CNN Student News.

Azuz went to college and got a degree in telecoms arts production from the University of Georgia.

Before becoming the host of CNN Student News in 2006, Carl worked as a freelance reporter and director for CNN.

The man who used to lead CNN has also won awards for his work as a journalist. In 2014, CNN’s coverage of the Syrian refugee crisis won a Peabody Award.

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Why Did Carl Azuz Quit Working Currently on CNN 10?

In 2022, Carl Azuz didn’t come back to lead CNN 10’s new season. Instead, Coy Wire took over.

After a long time away from the show, Azuz then talked about leaving. He thanked fans for their support during his time on the show.

Many of his fans have written on his social media pages that they are disappointed and miss seeing him on the show.

The show is still being hosted by Coy Wire, and fans are eager to find out if Azuz will return to presenting.

Why Did Carl Azuz Quit Working Currently on CNN 10?

Coy Wire, a CNN sports anchor, and correspondent, has taken over as the new host. In the first episode, he didn’t talk about Azuz leaving, but he did welcome fans to the new season.

Wire has continued to air new shows, and while some fans have praised Azuz’s work, others are wondering where he is and what happened to make him leave.

People seem to be looking forward to Azuz’s return to CNN 10, and it seems like Azuz himself misses being the show’s host.

Carl Azuz thanked his fans for being worried and let them know he was fine in a TikTok video. He also said that he would no longer lead the CNN 10 show, which he had done in the past.

Even though he didn’t say why he was leaving, Azuz thanked the show for the chances it had given him while he was on it.

He talked about how much the show had helped him and how grateful he was for the fans’ support and loyalty, which had made it all possible.


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What Happened to Carl Azus Him?

Carl was known for his energy and puns, and Azuz has been a favorite of both students and teachers.

When fans heard that Azuz was leaving CNN 10, they worried about his health and wondered if he was okay.

Azuz, on the other hand, has told his friends that he is fine and thanked them for their support.

Fans are sad and worried that he is leaving the show, even though he seems to be living a healthy life. Some of his fans posted about their worry on social media, and many asked if Azuz was okay.

Why Did Carl Azuz Quit Working Currently on CNN 10?

Many teachers say that Azuz is a “classroom staple,” and some have even said that he is like a father figure or Mr. Rogers.

Students have said that they are sad and worried about him leaving, and some have said that they feel “shattered” and “devastated.”

CNN made it public on September 18 that he was leaving. In the show’s newsletter, it said that he was leaving because of a “personal decision.”

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