Who Was Lil Tuda? 14-year-old Drill Rapper Shot Dead in Chicago!

Lil Tuda, a drill rapper, is no longer with us. A story on hiphopdx.com says that the young musician was killed in Chicago over the weekend. Tuda is the most recent rapper from the city to be killed by a gun.

ABC News says that the rapper died on June 17, 2023, which was a Saturday. Read on to learn more about the gun shooting that killed Lil Tuda.

Drill Rapper Lil Tuda Was Murdered in Chicago

ABC News says that Lil Tuda, whose real name is Timothy Lockhart, was shot in the head at 4:45 p.m. on the 100 block of South Homan Avenue on Chicago’s West Side on June 17.

The rapper was taken to the Stroger Hospital after he was shot. Another 14-year-old boy, also named Tuda, was also shot multiple times and taken to the same hospital. At the Stroger Hospital in Chicago, Lil was said to be dead. He was only 14 years old at the time of his death. On the other hand, the other 14-year-old boy who was also taken to the Stroger Hospital is currently in critical condition.

Who Was Lil Tuda

Andrew Holmes, a Chicago community activist, talked to the media source about the shooting that happened with the two teenagers over Father’s Day weekend and the Juneteenth holiday. “I’m not happy at all,” Holmes said. What is Father’s Day and Juneteenth all about? Don’t talk to me until we stop this gun murder and Black-on-Black crime and put these people in jail. But we have two babies right here!”

He continued, “Then how will their fathers be happy? How can they make their moms happy? What will make this family happy? It’s not true. “Turn these people in.”

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In a tweet posted on Monday, June 19, 16th & 17th District Chicago Police Scanner said that the Chicago drill rapper was reportedly a member of the DMG (Dirty Money Gang), which is a group of Gangster Disciples and Black P Stones.

How Did Lil Tuda’s Fans Feel About His Death?

Many of Lil Tuda’s fans were shocked when they heard about his sudden death. On social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, they wrote about how sad and upset they were about the musician’s death.

One person on social media said, “This is sad. I now think that 14-year-olds are very young. This is not funny in any way.” Another user then said, “Rest in peace, Lil Tuda.” “This is very sad,” one person wrote. “This kid makes my heart hurt.

Who Was Lil Tuda

Then a fourth user tweeted, “This has been happening forever, unfortunately.” One user said, “His folks let him down, and the streets killed him because of it. Choices have effects.”

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During this sad time, we send our deepest sympathies to the rapper Lil Tuda’s whole family and close friends. His soul may rest in peace. Don’t forget to check our website for more updates!

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