Who Was Dunsin Oyekan Wife? How Did His Wife Died? Latest News 2023

Who Was Dunsin Oyekan Wife? Dunsin Oyekan’s wife died in 2019, and he recently remembered her. Here’s more about their life as a married couple.

Dunsin Oyekan is a well-known gospel singer, musician, and songwriter from Nigeria. The man from Ilorin has been interested in music since he was young, and he started playing the guitar when he was 10 years old.

He has already put out several records, such as The Gospel of the Kingdom, Kingdom Now, Code Red, and The Glory Experience – Songs of Zion.

Oyekan is not only a singer, but he is also a full-time worshiper whose life is dedicated to bringing the God dimension into the world through sounds that the Holy Spirit gives him.

Who Was Dunsin Oyekan Wife Doyin Oyekan?

Dunsin Oyekan’s wife was named Doyin Oyekan. Dunsin and Doyin were together for a long time, and they had fun while they were.

It is said that Dunsin’s wife went to the University of Ilorin with him. Dunsin and Doyin started dating soon after getting to know each other.

After being together for a while, they thought about taking their love for each other to the next level. So, on February 2, 2013, Dunsin and Doying got married.

The couple became husband and wife when they tied the knot in front of their family and close friends at a private wedding.

Who Was Dunsin Oyekan Wife?

When Dunsin’s wife, Doyin, died on May 18, 2019, it was a sad time in his life. Even though she’s been dead for four years, the singer hasn’t said what killed her.

Dunsin also still thinks about his late wife and honors her every year. Recently, Dunsin posted a tribute to his wife on Instagram. He put up a picture of his wife with the words “4 years today. GOD IS GOOD!”

How Old Are Dunsin Oyekan’s Kids? Family Life Was Looked Into

Dunsin Oyekan has a big family and loves to spend time with them. He and his late wife already had a child when she died. They took in a boy and a girl as their own.

But Dunsin also cares about his privacy, so he doesn’t share the information with the media. Instead, he keeps them to himself. Because of this, the names of his kids are still a mystery on the internet.

As we’ve already said, Dunsin loves his family and often posts pictures of his kids on his Instagram page. The singer’s Instagram name is @dunsinoyekan, so we can find her there.


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How Did Dunsin Oyekan Wife Died?

People are still looking for what killed Dunsin Oyekan’s wife, even though she died a long time ago. But the well-known religious singer hasn’t said anything about it to the public.

While this was going on, some websites said that Doyin had died after a short sickness. But the news sites that have been checked haven’t given any information.

Who Was Dunsin Oyekan Wife?

Besides that, Dusin has written songs for his late wife. Once, the minister asked him to come, and during the service, he sang “I’ll Be Here” from his record.

During that time, he talked about how the song spoke to him after he lost his wife.

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