Who is Timothee Chalamet Dating? Take A Look At Timothee Chalamet Past Relationships!

Who is Timothee Chalamet Dating? Since he became famous, people are very interested in who Timothée Chalamet is dating now and who he has dated in the past. Chalamet has been in movies like “Dune,” “Lady Bird,” “Call Me by Your Name,” and “Little Women.” He has dated a number of Hollywood women, including the kids of two famous people.

In 2018, Chalamet told W Magazine why the word “date” makes him nervous. “Date is a very scary word because it puts things in a certain order. “You can always tell how someone acts on a first date,” he said at the time. In an interview with i-D in 2018, Chalamet told Harry Styles that he thinks the “meaning of life” is to “love deeply” and “love openly.” “That we’re only here for a limited time. Live and let live. Love deeply. Love in public. “Know that a wise man knows he doesn’t know everything, but works to learn more,” he said at the time.

Chalamet also told reporters at a press meeting at the Venice Film Festival in 2022 why he doesn’t use social media very often. “To be young now, and I can only speak for my generation, to be young at any time, is to be judged harshly,” he said. “I can’t imagine what it’s like to grow up in the age of social media, and it was a relief to play characters who had to figure out who they were without being able to check Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok.” He said, “I’m not making a decision. There, you can find your people. I think it’s hard to be alive right now, though. I think that the end of society is coming.”

So who does Timothée Chalamet date, and who are his girlfriends? Read on to learn about Chalamet’s past relationships and how his love life has changed since he became the hot actor he is now.

Who is Timothee Chalamet Dating?

We didn’t expect these two famous people to get together. Twomoi, an Instagram news account, was the first to link Kylie and Timothee Chalamet. They posted a “blind item” that said, “Anon pls!! Multiple people have told me that Kylie Jenner is Timmy C’s new girlfriend.

Days later, TMZ published photos of what looks like Kylie’s black Range Rover parked at Timothée’s Beverly Hills mansion. Meanwhile, Page Six casually mentioned in an article about Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny: “Jenner and Bad Bunny enjoyed a dinner with other A-listers, including her sister Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet, Zack Bia, and Russell Westbrook.”

Who is Timothee Chalamet Dating?

Most recently, on April 17, ET said that they were very much a thing, but that it was looking pretty lowkey. “Right now, they’re keeping things light,” their source said. “It’s not a serious relationship, but Kylie likes to hang out with Timothée and see where it goes.

“It’s been a lot of fun for her because it’s very different from the other situations she’s been in. Kylie likes it a lot because it’s new and exciting. What do you think about these two going public at the Met Gala? It’s clear to us!

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Timothee Chalamet Past Relationships

Lourdes Leon

Chalamet, who is 17, was related to Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon in 2013. After meeting at the actor’s high school in New York City, LaGuardia, they started dating. From what we know about them, it seems like they were only together for a short time. In fact, people didn’t even know if the relationship existed until April 2021, when Leon revealed it in an interview. She told Vanity Fair, “I have a lot of respect for him. We were a couple for a while. My first partner.”

Who is Timothee Chalamet Dating?

Lily-Rose Depp

Chalamet’s engagement with Chanel model Lily-Rose Depp is the longest and best-known one he has had with a woman so far. After working together on Netflix’s The King, the two made it official in October 2018. After that, they were seen on casual dates around NYC. Whispers at the time said that the pair had broken up because they were seen less and less in public.

But the reports were quickly put to rest when the couple showed up together at the Venice Film Festival in 2019 and when photos showed them kissing while on a boat in Capri. “I went to bed that night thinking it was one of the best days of my life,” Chalamet told GQ. A year later, in April 2020, when Chalamet was shot for British Vogue, the magazine asked him if he was single. He said he was. No one knows why the two people called it quits.

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Eiza Gonzalez

The Daily Mail published pictures of Chalamet kissing Mexican actress Eiza González just two months after he ended his two-year relationship with Depp. They were seen on vacation in Cabo, but they broke up just five months later, in October 2022.


Timothée Chalamet, a famous actor, has been dating several Hollywood women, including the kids of two famous people. He has been involved in movies like “Dune,” “Lady Bird,” “Call Me by Your Name,” and “Little Women.” Chalamet believes that the meaning of life is to love deeply and openly, and that he doesn’t use social media very often. He has also mentioned that he doesn’t make a decision but finds people to find his people.
His past relationships include Lourdes Leon, who was related to Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon in 2013, and Lily-Rose Depp, who was engaged to Chanel model Lily-Rose Depp. Chalamet’s current relationship with Kylie Jenner is lighthearted, with the couple keeping things light.
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