Who is the Villain in Missing Movie? The Twist Ending is Explained

Missing is a 2023 thriller movie about a girl named June Allen who tries to find her mother after she goes missing while on vacation with her new boyfriend in Colombia. The movie is a standalone sequel to Searching (2018) and a spiritual successor to Run (2020). It was written and directed by the same people who wrote and directed Missing, Aneesh Chaganty and Will Merrick and Nick Johnson. The film stars Storm Reid, Joaquim de Almeida, Ken Leung, Amy Landecker, Daniel Henney, and Nia Long. The movie has made $48 million at the box office and got good reviews from reviewers.

The story of the movie is full of turns and twists that keep people guessing until the end. Who is the bad guy in Missing? is the main question that drives the movie. Who took June’s mother, Grace Allen, and why? Is it Grace’s boyfriend Kevin Lin who turns out to be a fraud? Is it Javier, the Colombian worker who helps June with her investigation? Is it Grace’s friend and neighbour Heather, who seems to like her? Or could it be someone else?

The Villain Revealed

Who is the bad guy in the movie Missing? is not an easy question to answer. In fact, the movie has more than one bad guy, and each one has their own plans and goals. Here is a list of what they did and who they are:

Who is the Villain in Missing Movie?

Kevin Lin

He is Grace’s boyfriend. He tricked her into going to Colombia so he could steal her money. He has a history of lying to people and stealing from them. He has used many fake names and identities to meet women online and then steal from them. He also has ties to a Colombian drug gang that helps him with his plans. He was the one who took Grace hostage in a hotel room when he first took her. But he is not the person who planned the whole thing. He works for someone else, who paid him to take Grace away.

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He is the Colombian gig worker that June hires online to help her find her mother. He acts like he is nice and helpful, but he really works for Kevin. He is also part of the drug gang, and Kevin uses him as his eyes and ears on the ground. He tells June lies and sends her off in the wrong direction. When June gets too close to the truth, he also tries to kill her.


She is Grace’s friend and neighbour, and while Grace is away, she watches over June. She seems kind and helpful, but in reality, she is obsessed with Grace and jealous of her relationship with Kevin. She paid Kevin to take Grace away and bring her back to Los Angeles. She wanted to kill Kevin and make it look like he had killed Grace. Then she would take Grace’s place as June’s mother. She also broke into June’s voicemail and deleted all of Grace’s notes.

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The Final Twist

At the end of the movie, there is a shocking twist that shows June is not Grace’s real daughter. She is really the daughter of Diane Sherman, who is the main character in the movie Run (2020). Diane took June from a hospital when she was a baby and raised her as her own. Diane was a crazy person who had Munchausen syndrome by proxy. She made June think she was sick and crippled to get attention. June finally got away from Diane, and James and Grace Allen took her in. They gave her a new name and a happy life.

Who is the Villain in Missing Movie

But Diane never gave up trying to find June. She used social media to find her and then paid Heather to help her get June back. Heather was Diane’s old cellmate in prison. Diane went to prison after she was caught kidnapping June. Heather decided to work with Diane because Diane had saved her from other inmates and she wanted to show her gratitude.

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At the end of the movie, there’s a cliffhanger where Diane goes to Heather’s house and finds Grace tied up in the basement. Diane calls for June, who just got home after escaping Javier’s attack. June hears Diane’s voice and knows it’s the same person who used to hold her captive. As Diane gets closer, she screams in terror.

The Conclusion

Missing is a thrilling movie with clever story twists and surprises that keep people on the edge of their seats. The movie looks at things like identity, family, trust, lying, passion, and getting even. The film is also linked to Searching (2018) and Run (2020) by the way it is set up and by the characters and events that happen in all three movies.

Some questions about June, Grace, Diane, Heather, Kevin, Javier, and the drug cartel are not explained by the movie. Will their lives be continued in another sequel or spin-off? Will John Cho’s character from Searching ever show up again? These are some of the questions that moviegoers who saw Missing might have.

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