Who is Terrence Hardiman’s Wife? Lets Talk About His Family, Earnings and More Info! 2023

Who is Terrence Hardiman’s Wife? Want to know more about Rowena Cooper, the wife of Terrence Hardiman? Read on to learn more about Hardiman’s wife, including his family and how much money he has.

Terrence Hardiman was born in Forest Gate, London, on April 6, 1937. He went on to become an actress.

Terrence Hardiman went to Essex’s Buckhurst Hill County High School for his high school schooling. He went to college at Fitzwilliam College in Cambridge and studied English there.

During his time at Cambridge, Hardiman took part in plays put on by the Marlowe Society and the Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club. He played both important and funny parts.

Hardiman was also known for playing people in positions of power, like Nazis and British officers. He was best known for his part in the CBBC show The Demon Headmaster.

Also, The Crown, Wallander, Doctor Who, Prime Suspect, and The Worst Witch are some of his other well-known works.

In the 1970s, Terrence was also a member of the famous Royal Shakespeare Company, where he recorded many audiobooks and did voice-over work.

Sad to say, Terrence Hardiman died on May 8, 2023. He was 86 years old. But his fans and people who liked him will always remember what he did for the entertainment business.

Who is Terrence Hardiman’s Wife Rowena Cooper?

Terrence Hardiman has been married to Rowena Cooper since 1964. Rowena Cooper, who was born in 1935 and has been an actor for over 50 years, is also British.

Cooper is known for how captivating she is as an actress, and both audiences and journalists have praised her work.

Cooper began acting in 1956 when she won the Carlton Hobbs Bursary and was able to join the Radio Drama Company.

She joined the Dundee Repertory Theatre Company again in 1959 and kept acting in plays and TV shows after that.

Who is Terrence Hardiman's Wife?

Also, Mrs. Fenner on the TV show The Rag Trade was her most famous part. She has also been in shows like Poirot, The Sarah Jane Adventures, and Torchwood, which are all very famous.

Cooper has worked hard and has been dedicated throughout her career to give the best performance she can in every part she plays.

She is a real pro who takes her job very seriously and has made a big difference in the showbiz world.


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Family and Earnings of Terrence Hardiman

Even though he was famous, Terrence was known to have a quiet life outside of work, so no one knows anything about the late actor’s family.

Hardiman didn’t tell the world much about his children, other than the fact that he had been married to Rowena Cooper since 1964 and that they had two children.

Still, it’s not unusual for famous people to keep their personal lives separate from their work lives to protect their privacy and that of their families.

Who is Terrence Hardiman's Wife?

Different sites give different estimates of how much Hardiman is worth. Some sources say it’s around $8 million, while others say his net worth is still being looked at.

No matter how much his net worth is, it is clear that most of the money he has comes from his work as an actress on TV.

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