Who is Shaq Dating? Are Annie Ilonzeh and Shaq Still Together?

Who is Shaq Dating? Over the years, Shaquille O’Neal has had his fair share of girlfriends. Shaq is said to be dating Hollywood actress Annie Ilonzeh right now. The two have been dating for more than a year and have been seen together many times over that time. The first rumor that they were dating started in June 2022. There are also stories that Big Shaq fell in love with beautiful Annie last year and that they have been dating ever since. Even though not much is known about their connection, Ilonzeh is a well-known name.

Who is Shaquille’s Girlfriend Annie Ilonzeh?

Annie Ilonzeh is a well-known American-Nigerian actress. She is also the present girlfriend of Shaquille O’Neil, who is a famous basketball player. Annie is from Grapevine, Texas, and she went to high school in the Dallas-Fort Worth area at Colleyville Heritage High School. Besides that, not much else is known about Annie’s life. In her working life, though, she is a well-known actress.

Who is Shaq Dating?

She made her acting debut in a cameo role on the hit TV show “How I Met Your Mother.” She had a few small parts before she got her big break in 2011. Ilonzeh got the lead part as one of the Angels in the revival of “Charlie’s Angels” on TV. Ilonzeh is also known for her parts in shows like General Hospital, Until Death Do Us Part, and Peppermint, which is on Netflix.

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Are Annie Ilonzeh and Shaq Still Together?

Since he joined the NBA, Shaquille O’Neal‘s relationships have been very public. It was bound to happen, given how famous the NBA legend was. But O’Neal and Annie Ilonzeh are doing their best to keep their relationship a secret. As it turns out, the 15-time NBA winner is not a fan of showing love on social media. This is especially true after his public divorce more than a decade ago. He has said this on his podcasts more than once.

Reports say that Shaq and Ilonzeh are still seeing each other in 2023. The couple was last seen together in 2022, when they went to dinner at the Jue Lan Club in New York City. Many news stories said that the NBA MVP in 2000 paid for everyone’s meals at a restaurant.

Who was Shaquille Dating Before Annie Ilonzeh?

Shaquille O’Neal started seeing other people after he and Shaunie Henderson broke up. After getting divorced, O’Neal dated reality TV star Nicole Alexander for a year. In 2012, they were allegedly living together and getting married. But in 2013, they broke up. Shaq started dating model Laticia Rolle two years after that. O’Neal and Rolle broke up after being with each other for about four years.

Who is Shaq Dating?

He even tried Tinder to find a date online. But the former Lakers star had to leave because no one thought it was really the Hall of Famer. Shaq then met Annie Ilonzeh, and it looks like things are going well between them. There’s no question that Big Diesel’s dating history is a long and interesting story. But, according to news from the year 2023, Shaq’s girlfriend is Annie Ilonzeh.

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Shaquille O’Neal is currently dating Hollywood actress Annie Ilonzeh, who is a well-known American-Nigerian actress. The couple has been dating for over a year, with the first rumor starting in June 2022. Annie, a well-known actress, made her acting debut in 2011 and has appeared in shows like General Hospital, Until Death Do Us Part, and Peppermint. Shaquille O’Neal has been dating other people since his divorce from Shaunie Henderson in 2000.
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