Who is Sean Keane Wife? How Much Money Did Sean Keane Have Before He Died?

Who is Sean Keane Wife? Marie Keaneally, Sean Keane’s wife, died in 2020. They had three children, and some of them work in the same area as their parents.

Sean Keane was an Irish guitarist and teacher who was known for being in The Chieftains, a traditional Irish folk band that started in Dublin in 1962.

In the same way, Sean was in Ceoltóir Chualann in the 1960s, and then in 1968 he joined The Chieftains. From the 1960s until his death in 2023, he was a part of the scene.

Keane had a solo career in addition to his time with The Chieftains. He put out albums like Gusty’s Frolics, Seán Keane (1982), and Jig it in Style (1990) as a solo act.

Who is Sean Keane Wife Marie Keneally?

The Irish fiddle player Sean Keane was married to Marie Keaneally. Keane was also a private person who kept his personal life to himself instead of telling the press about it.

Because of this, information about Sean’s marriage is still being looked into. Also, no one knows when he got married. Keane may have been married to his wife for a long time, and he and his wife may have also been together for a long time.

Who is Sean Keane Wife?

Also, Sean’s wife Marie died in 2020, which was a very sad time in his life. The Irish Times said that Marie passed away in 2020, but they didn’t say what caused her death.

She may have been sick and her last breath was her last.

A Look at Sean Keane’s Kids and Family Life

Since Sean Keane and his late wife Marie had been married for a long time, they had already started a family. They had three children, whose names were Deirdre, Páraic, and Darach.

Darach and Páraic, two of his children, followed in their father’s footsteps and work in the same field. People say that they play music well.

In the same way, all of his children are doing well and have started their own families. A news story says that most of Keane’s grandkids also play music.

Molly, Alex, and Ella are three of his grandchildren who play the fiddle. Loulou and Clara are two of his other grandchildren who play the accordion. Ruby plays the cello, and Jack plays the tin whistle or uilleann pipes. Doireann, Páid, and Seán g are his other grandchildren.


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How Much Money Did Sean Keane Have Before He Died?

As we’ve already said, Sean Keane was in the music business for a long time, and his work helped him keep a huge net worth, which is said to be in the six figures.

As of right now, none of the news sites have talked about how much Sean makes. Most people think that Sean got most of his money as a musician.

Who is Sean Keane Wife? During his career, Sean worked with other singers, and because of these partnerships, he may have made a lot of money.

With help from James Keane and Mick Moloney, Keane put out Reel Away from the Real World in 1980. After five years, he also worked with Matt Molloy, and in 1985, the two of them put out the album Contentment is Wealth.

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