Who is Sammy Robinson Dating? Rumours and Past Relationships of Sammy Robinson!

Who is Sammy Robinson Dating? Sammy Robinson, an Australian beauty YouTuber, has won over the hearts of millions of people with her engaging videos and undying love for all things beauty. Fans and friends are interested in her personal life because they want to know more about her work life. This article will talk about Sammy Robinson’s past relationships, her present relationship status, and her path to becoming a successful influencer. We will talk about everything, from how she became famous to who she might be dating.

Who is Sammy Robinson?

Sammy Robinson is an Australian beauty expert who has quickly risen to the top of social media thanks to her interesting posts and undying love for all things beauty. Her appearance on sites like YouTube and Instagram has brought her a lot of fans, and it’s easy to see why.

Who is Sammy Robinson Dating?

Sammy is known as one of Australia’s most important social media figures. She has turned her passion for beauty into a platform that speaks to thousands of people. Her material is a mix of vlogs and detailed tutorials where she gives her loyal fans expert tips and techniques.

Who is Sammy Robinson Dating?

Sammy Robinson, an Australian YouTuber known for her videos about beauty, seems to be single as of 2023. Even though she is well-known and busy on social media, there is no evidence that she is in a romantic relationship at the moment. Sammy was born on July 5, 1996, in Melbourne, Australia. Her self-titled YouTube account has over 470,000 subscribers, which is a lot of fans.

Sammy Robinson has focused on makeup and hair lessons for most of her career, wowing her audience with her skill and creativity. Her work life has been written about and praised, but her personal life, including her relationships, has not been in the spotlight. Sammy is 27 years old and has never been in a relationship before. There is no public record of any of his past relationships.

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Who Has Sammy Robinson Dated Before?

When news came out that she had broken up with her long-term boyfriend, Nick Wheatley, Australian model Sammy Robinson found herself in the middle of a romantic mess. Sammy revealed the breakup, which ended their seven-year relationship, in an honest YouTube video posted on October 13, 2021. Sammy showed a range of feelings in the video. He seemed to be both sad and hopeful about the future.

Who is Sammy Robinson Dating?

The 25-year-old beauty blogger, who looks a lot like supermodel Gigi Hadid, said she was ready for a “hot girl summer,” which meant she wanted to focus on personal growth and self-discovery after her long-term relationship ended. Sammy said that she was starting a new part in her life after going through heartbreak, loneliness, and other problems. She was hopeful about the future.

Rumors and Speculations About Sammy Robinson Dating

After she broke up with her boyfriend, reports started to spread that she might be dating a 27-year-old podcaster named Jordan Simi. Fans saw them walking hand in hand on Bondi Beach, which made people wonder if they were dating or not. The fact that Jordan Simi used to date Neighbours star Bonnie Anderson made the story even more interesting. But it’s important to remember that nothing has been proven yet, so these rumors are still just guesses.

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Sammy Robinson Biography

Sammy Robinson was born in Melbourne, Australia, on July 5, 1996, a Friday. Her name at birth was Sammy Robinson, and she is 27 years old now. Cancer is the star sign for people who were born on July 5. Her animal sign is Rat. She started using social media with Instagram. In February 2012, she posted a photo of one of her cats to the network.


Australian beauty YouTuber Sammy Robinson has gained millions of fans through her engaging videos and love for beauty. Born on July 5, 1996, in Melbourne, she has over 470,000 subscribers on YouTube and Instagram. She has focused on makeup and hair lessons, and has never been in a romantic relationship. After breaking up with her long-term boyfriend, Nick Wheatley, Robinson expressed her desire for personal growth and self-discovery. Rumors suggest she might be dating podcaster Jordan Simi, who used to date Neighbours star Bonnie Anderson.

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