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Saba Azad and Hrithik Roshan are a new Bollywood couple that has been getting a lot of attention lately. The two were first seen on a date in Mumbai in February 2022. Since then, they have been getting a lot of attention online for the cute things they do together and how well they dress.

Saba Azad and Hrithik Roshan both went to the NMACC Gala in Mumbai, which was put on by Nita and Mukesh Ambani. As did the other A-listers from Bollywood who were there, the dynamic duo looked beautiful in their traditional Indian clothes. Saba looked beautiful in a red dress-like outfit by designer Amit Aggarwal, and Hrithik wore a classic black kurta.

Fans can’t help but think more about Hrithik’s girlfriend after all these public appearances and seeing how well-dressed Saba is. Here is everything you want to know about Hrithik Roshan’s Girlfriend!

Who is Hrithik Roshan’s Girlfriend Saba Azad?

Saba was born in 1985 on November 1. She turned 37 this year. Saba Singh Grewal is her real name.
Saba grew up in Delhi, the main city of India. She only moved to Mumbai to try to make a living as a singer and actress.

Who is Saba Azad

Saba has many skills, and singing is one of them. She has sung live with her band, Madboy Mink.
Saba is also an actress, and she has been in movies like Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge, Dil Kabaddi, and Shaandaar.

Saba Azad’s Family

Azad was born in Delhi to parents who were from Punjab and Kashmir. She is the great actor Safdar Hashmi’s niece. Azad was born into a family of actors, so she started performing on stage with Safdar Hashmi’s theatre group Jana Natya Manch when she was very young. She worked with Habib Tanvir, MK Raina, GP Deshpande, and NK Sharma there.

Who is Saba Azad

Saba Azad’s Education

After she graduated from high school, she got the lead part in Ishaan Nair’s short film Guroor, which went to film festivals in New York and Florence. Since then, she has been in many short films.

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She also learned how to dance Odissi, traditional ballet, jazz, Latin, and more modern styles. She danced with her Odissi teacher, Kiran Segal, in places like England, Canada, and Nepal, as well as in the United States.

Saba Azad and Hrithik Roshan Love Story

She has been with Hrithik Roshan for almost a year. Saba and Hrithik told everyone about their relationship at Karan Johar’s birthday party in May 2022.

Who is Saba Azad

The Bombay Times said that Hrithik Roshan and his supposed girlfriend, Saba Azad, had their first conversation on Twitter. From what I’ve heard, Hrithik liked and shared a video of Saba singing with a well-known rapper. The actor liked the song and said that the singers did a good job with it. After the Greek God gave the singer a lot of praise, the singer thanked him for being so kind.

The source went on to say that Saba chose to DM Hrithik after that, and that was the start of a conversation that will never end. Earlier rumours that Hrithik and Saba met on a dating app were shot down by a person who said that it all started on Twitter.

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According to a source Hrithik Roshan and Saba Azad should be praised for not hiding their relationship from their fans and the public, even though they are getting mocked a lot on social media for it. The person also said that people think Saba is “getting lucky” because she won Hrithik’s heart. In fact, though, it’s not at all like that. They have a beautiful relationship with each other. Also from the source:

“Unlike so many, they don’t try to hide it, and it’s great that they value each other. Every person deserves to be happy. People are judging Saba and wish they could be “lucky” like her. She’s making up stories about Greek gods and he’s wooing a younger girl, but they should both know that they’re well-thought-out adults.

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