Who is Rohit Saraf Dating? All About His Relation With Prajakta Kohli!

Who is Rohit Saraf Dating? In the entertainment world, Rohit Saraf is like the new chocolate boy that Bollywood gave us. Over the past few years, Saraf has made a name for himself by slowly making his way into popular media. He began his career as a dancer and has since worked on TV shows like Best Friends Forever?, a teen drama on Channel V. 2016 was the year he made his big screen debut. He was cast as Alia Bhatt’s brother in the movie Dear Zindagi, which was a small part. Later, he was in the Norwegian thriller “What Will People Say,” which was the country’s Oscar entry for Best Foreign Language Film.

After that, Saraf became famous and was in movies like Hichki (2018), The Sky Is Pink (2019), and Ludo (2020). He made his personality known in each movie in its own way. Then, finally, we saw him in Mismatched, Netflix’s own full-fledged web series, along with Prajakta Kohli. With his rise to fame, Saraf has become a favorite among women. His female fans keep an eye on him on all of his social media accounts and are always excited to hear about his personal life. That is, “Who does Rohit Saraf date?” might be a better question. Let’s see what we already know about it.

Who is Rohit Saraf Dating?

Rohit Saraf might not be single at the moment. Yes, so all the girls who are crazy about Rishi Singh Shekhawat or Rahul Avasthi from Mismatched. There’s a hint. But it’s not a surprise since Saraf has been linked to a lot of things since he first came to public attention. Most of all with his co-stars, and there’s also Instagram. Fans are still not sure what’s going on, but in an interview with Koimoi, Saraf put a lot of fears to rest.

Who is Rohit Saraf Dating?

As an answer to the question of whether or not Saraf was single, she said that it was still unclear. He could be seeing someone we don’t know, or he might not be. Anyway, it’s clear that a lot of people are looking forward to both his work and his personal life. Also, anyone who was wondering why the reported dates didn’t happen was blown away by Saraf. Let’s see what he said in different talks about the rumors that he was dating someone else.

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Rohit Saraf Dating Rumors With Prajakta Kohli

Rohit Saraf said what he really thought about meeting Prajakta Kohli. In the Netflix Original series Mismatched, the Indian YouTube star worked with Saraf. He told them that Prajakta had been dating a boy for nine years. He told the guy his name was Vrishank and how much she loved him. Since Saraf and Prajakta Kohli are both actors, there is no connection between them. Plus, working on Mismatched brought them closer, which he praised the show and its writers for.

Rohit Saraf’s name has been linked to almost every co-star he has had in a famous project so far. First, let’s look at star Pearle Maaney. It was in the Anurag Basu movie “Ludo” that they worked together as a couple. The movie did very well, and soon there were whispers of a link-up. When they were brought up, Saraf cleared the air in shock. He told Pearl Manney that he was married and in the process of giving birth. Don’t believe those stories. After that, in April 2021, Pearle Maaney shared the first picture of her child.

Past Relationships of Rohit Saraf

Rohit Saraf has been linked to two actors in the past: Aisha Ahmed and Anisha Victor. The Netflix show “Mismatched” that Aisha Ahmed and Rohit Saraf worked on together in 2021. There were rumors that they were dating after they were seen together at a few events. In spite of this, neither of them admitted the relationship.

Who is Rohit Saraf Dating?

In the same way, it was said that Rohit Saraf was dating model and actor Anisha Victor in 2020. People began to say that they were dating after seeing them together at a few events and reacting to each other’s social media posts. But the reports were never proven true, and they never admitted to dating in public.

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What Rohit Saraf Looks for in a Relationship?

Rohit Saraf is very private, so he hasn’t talked much about his personal life. He has, however, talked about his dream partner and what he wants in a relationship in some interviews. He said that being honest and able to talk freely are the most important traits in a partner. A sense of fun and kindness are also important to him.

Rohit Saraf thinks that both people in a relationship should accept and understand each other. He stresses how important it is to respect each other’s space and help each other with their jobs and goals.


Rohit Saraf, a popular Indian actor, has gained fame through his roles in TV shows, movies, and Netflix’s web series Mismatched. Despite rumors of a relationship with Prajakta Kohli and Aisha Ahmed, Saraf has not confirmed the relationship. He has been linked to Pearle Maaney and Aisha Victor in the Anurag Basu movie “Ludo” but has not publicly admitted to dating. Saraf’s dream partner is someone who is honest, open-minded, fun, and kind. He believes in respecting each other’s space and helping each other with their jobs and goals. Despite the rumors, Saraf has not commented on his personal life, leaving fans eagerly awaiting his next move.

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