Who is Ricegum Girlfriend? The Career and Financial Worth of Ricegum’s Girlfriend in 2023

Who is Ricegum Girlfriend? Do you like to watch movies on YouTube? If so, you’ve probably heard of Ricegum. Ricegum is an American who is famous on YouTube and plays music. He was an online artist with a lot of potential and a lot of fans. Ricegum’s YouTube channels had more than 12 million followers. Also, more than 3 billion people watched his videos. People are interested in his lady as well as his music video. We’re here to tell you what you need to know about Ricegum’s girlfriend, Ellerie Marie.

With his vlogs, videos, raps, and posts on social media, Ricegum can keep his business going for about a decade. Also, he knows how to draw people to his social media and YouTube page in many different ways. He uses his fans well to get new subscribers and keep the ones he already has interested. Because of his growing popularity, the YouTuber recently made a net worth. Check out Ricegum’s net worth in our earlier post.

Do you want to find out who Ricegum’s girlfriend is? It’s not strange because people are always interested in the private lives of famous people.

Ellerie Marie is in a relationship with Ricegum. In a way, they started dating again after a short break. On January 9, 2022, Ellerie, Ricegum’s girlfriend, and Ricegum made their relationship public.

Who is Ricegum’s Girlfriend, Ellerie Marie?

Ellerie Marie is a well-known person on social media in the U.S. Her TikTok account is what most people know her for. People can relate to and enjoy what she writes. She has also become more well-known because she is dating the YouTuber Ricegum.

Ellerie and her friend Jayka Noelle were famous duos on TikTok. But when Jayka got married, things changed. Well, Ellerie has a new social media partner now, and it’s Ricegum!

Who is Ricegum Girlfriend?

Ricegum’s girlfriend was born in San Diego, United States, on January 8, 2002. She is 21 years old and lives in the US city of Los Angeles. She went to school at the University of California, Irvine. We don’t know anything about Ellerie’s family. But Irin Maries is the name of her mother.

Quick Facts on Ricegum’s Girlfriend Biography

Full name:                                           Ellerie Marie

Gender:                                               Female

Date of birth:                                       January 8, 2002

Age:                                                    21 years (as of 2023)

Place of birth:                                       San Diego, United States

Current residence:                                 Los Angeles, California, United States

Zodiac sign:                                          Capricorn

Nationality:                                            American

Ethnicity:                                               White

Religion:                                                Christianity

Sexual orientation:                                  Straight

Boyfriend:                                              Ricegum

Profession:                                             Social media influencer

College/University:                                  University of California, Irvine

Mother’s name:                                       Irin Maries

Father’s name:                                        Unknown

Net worth:                                               $200 K-300 K dollars

The Facts About Ricegum’s Girlfriend’s Body

Ellerie is a lovely person with a charming attitude. She is 167 cm (about 5 feet 6 inches) tall and weighs 56 kg (about 123 pounds). Also, her body is 36-27-37 inches long, wide, and tall. She also has dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. Aside from that, she had surgery to make her breasts look bigger.

Height in inches:                                     5 feet 6 inches

Height in cm:                                          167 cm

Body type:                                              Slim

Weight in kg:                                           56 kg

Weight in pounds:                                    123

Body measurements in inches:                  36-27-37

Body measurements in cm:                       91-68-93

Hair color:                                                Dark brown

Eye color:                                                 Brown

Tattoo:                                                     Butterfly tattoo on the right wrist

Surgery:                                                   Plastic surgery for breast accentuation

The Career and Financial Worth of Ricegum’s Girlfriend

Ellerie began her work life when she was 17. Surprisingly, her fun test on TikTok made it a huge hit overnight. Then, her TikTok account started to get a lot of attention, and now she has about 400K fans. Her name on TikTok is “MommyEllerie,” which is interesting. She posts dance and lip-sync videos to social media with her boyfriend, friends, and cousins. Even her TikTok got banned for some time. She came back later with a different story.

Also, as of the time this was written, 517K people follow her on Instagram. She got so many fans with only 35 posts, which is a big deal. She also has 13.8K people who follow her on Twitter. Ellerie Marie freely shows him her pictures on the station.

Ellerie is worth a certain amount because she has a big following on social media. Ricegum’s girlfriend is likely worth between $200 and $300 K.

Ellerie Marie’s Social Media Platforms

Instagram ID:                                               @elleriemarie

Instagram followers:                                       517K

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Twitter ID:                                                      @EllerieMarie

Twitter followers:                                             13.8K

TikTok ID:                                                        @MommyEllerie

TikTok followers:                                               400K (approx)


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Relationship of Ricegum and Ellerie

Ellerie, Ricegum’s Girlfriend, and the YouTuber started dating in 2020, which is interesting. Soon, a lot of people knew about the cute pair. In the end, the pair broke up, but no one knows why. But, they started seeing each other again, which was a surprise.

Who is Ricegum Girlfriend?

This time, it looks like they’ll have a race with logs. Ricegum had been with someone before Ellerie Marie, though. Fans probably thought that Ricegum and Ellerie wouldn’t be together for long because of this. Guys, you can be wrong about what you think!

Ricegum and Ellerie are having fun together and like being around each other.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Ricegum Dating?

Ellerie Marie, who dates Ricegum, is a well-known American social media star. Her TikTok account is what most people know her for. After dating Ricegum, she became more well-known.

How Tall is Ellerie Marie?

Ricegum’s girlfriend is 167 cm (or 5 feet 6 inches) tall.

What is Ellerie Marie’s Weight?

She is 56 kg (123 lb) heavy.

Who Did Ricegum Break Up With?

Before meeting Ellerie Marie in 2020, Ricegum was in a relationship with Abby Rao. In April 2020, he allegedly put down his ex-girlfriend in a Twitch show.

What is the Age of Ricegum’s Girlfriend?

Ellerie Marie is 21 years old right now (as of 2023).

What Does Ellerie Do to Stay in Shape?

She eats a strict protein-based diet and goes to the gym every day.


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