Who is Nivea Currently Dating? Everything You Need to Know About the Famous R&b Singer

Who is Nivea Currently Dating? Most people know Nivea as an R&B singer. There are a lot of stories about who the famous person is dating. The most common question about Nivea is who she is dating and who her boyfriend is.

Who is Nivea?

American R&B singer Nivea B. Hamilton, who goes by the stage name Nivea, had a song on the Billboard lists in the early 2000s. Nivea’s hit songs Don’t Mess with My Man, Laundromat, and Okay, on which she collaborated with Youngbloodz and Lil Jon, have also been nominated for Grammy Awards.

She has put out three studio albums: Nivea in 2001, Complicated in 2005, and Animalistic in 2006. She is the youngest of three sisters and was born in Savannah, Georgia.

Who is Nivea Currently Dating?

Nivea began singing in a church band, and she liked Mariah Carey’s music. In an interview with BET, she said that she was shy and didn’t want anyone to hear her sing. Her folks would turn down the radio whenever she sang.

Who is Nivea Currently Dating?

Yes, she is in a relationship right now. The American singer is seeing Shun right now. Gabriel J. Nivea doesn’t talk much about her personal life, and she tries hard to stay out of the public eye.

They started dating around 2010, so they’ve been together for about 12 years. When Lil Wayne went to jail in 2010, they began seeing each other. He doesn’t work in music, and he has a daughter from a past relationship.

In 2011, Nivea was arrested, and Neal’s father was the one who came to get him. From what I’ve heard, he seems to get along well with her four kids. Because Shun is a private person, there isn’t much online about him.


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Nivea’s Past Relationships

Nivea started going out with rapper Lil Wayne in February 2002, and on December 12, 2002, they got engaged. In an interview with Sister to Sister Magazine in July 2003, Nivea talked about how Lil Wayne asked her to marry him.

Lil Wayne told her that he got her a gift for Christmas and that he thought she would like it and that it would make her happy. He got on his knees and asked her to marry him. She also told him that he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

Who is Nivea Currently Dating?

Nivea said that Wayne was her first love and that she would die if they didn’t get married. But in August 2023, Lil Wayne called off the wedding. Nivea got married to R&B singer and producer Terius Nash in December 2004. Their twin boys, London and Christian Nash, were born in April 2006.

In 2007, they got a divorce, and she got back together with Lil Wayne. It was said that Wayne and Nivea were going to have a child, and that Lil and Lauren London were also going to have a child. In 2009, Nivea gave birth to their son Neal Carter, and in June 2010, they broke up for the second time.

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