Who is Marta Collot Fidanzato? Lets Talk About Her Dating, Wikipedia and Biografia in 2023

Who is Marta Collot Fidanzato? Marta Collot Fidanzato has been a hot topic online, but the Potere al Popolo spokeswoman hasn’t said anything about her dating life. What we know is as follows.

Marta Collot is an Italian politician who became famous when she ran for governor of Emilia Romagna as the youngest candidate.

She talks on behalf of Potere al Popolo. Collot had been involved in politics since she was a child, when she went with her parents to protests, parades, and dinners during the march against the war.

Marta ran for mayor of Potere al Popolo in Bologna in 2022. She supported Fabio Battistini and Matteo Lepore, who were running for the center-right and center-left blocs.

Who is Marta Collot Fidanzato? Dating Timeline

People have been curious about Marta Collot’s love life for a long time, even though she doesn’t have a fidanzato. Collot hasn’t said anything about her love life just yet.

Because of this, it’s safe to say that Collot is single, and she’s making the most of her single life. In 2018, she made news when she said that she had been raped.

Who is Marta Collot Fidanzato?

It is said that the person who did it got 8 years in prison. She has been honest with the press about it. In 2019, she told a 50-year-old stalker that he was wrong for calling her and posting some of her pictures on social media, which he had been doing.

Marta Collot Wikipedia and Biografia

Marta Collot is from Treviso, but she decided to study at the University and the Conservatory in Bologna.

As a child, her parents took her to protests, parades, and banquets during the rally against the war and the military involvement in Iraq. This made her aware of politics.

In 2013, she joined Noi Restiamo, a new group for young people. She also went to Bilbao once to take part in an international week on the choice and cooperative economy. This was a meeting where the goal was to build people’s power.

In the same way, Marta takes part in the week of the vote for independence from Spain and sees the war in Syria between ISIS and Kurdish soldiers up close.

Marta also loves music, and in her spare time, she sings with a group called the Officina Ensemble.


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How Old is Marta Collot? How Old is She?

Marta Collot will be 29 years old in 2023. She was born in Treviso, Italy, and has the country of Italy.

Marta is close to her parents, but she hasn’t said much about them in the news because she wants to protect their privacy.

Collot also says that her family taught her farmer and worker values, on the one hand, and the power and freedom of women, on the other.

Who is Marta Collot Fidanzato?

As was already said, Collot has lived and breathed politics since 2003, when she and her parents marched against the military invasion of Iraq.

In terms of her schooling, Marta went to the harpsichord conservatory and later graduated. Collot is also a busy Instagram user, and we can find her account under the name @collotmarta.

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