Who is Marietjie Bothma’s Husband? Lets Talk About Her Faimly in 2023

Who is Marietjie Bothma’s Husband? White-skinned Zulu woman Marietjie Bothma has died, which has been news that many people have been interested in.

Bothma was a member of the controversial KwaSizabantu Mission in KwaZulu-Natal. He was one of the brave former members who spoke out about the mission’s violations of human rights.

Bothma told the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious, and Linguistic Communities in 2020 that she was sexually and physically abused as a kid. This was very upsetting to hear.

She said that she was made to “suck on the breasts” of Ruth Combrink and Elizabeth Vermaak, the daughters of church leader Erlo Stegen.

Bothma became known as the “Zulu lady with white skin” after she spoke in isiZulu in a TV commercial, which made everyone talk.

Since then, the beautiful blonde beauty has gotten a part in one of South Africa’s most popular soap operas. She even spoke at the beginning of the term of former President Jacob Zuma.

The bilingual person, whose first language is Afrikaans, could speak 13 languages, including German and many South African languages. Let’s find out who Marietjie Bothma’s husband is.

Marietjie Bothma Husband: Was Fluent In isiZulu Presenter Married?

People are interested in who Marietjie Bothma’s husband is. Marietjie Bothma, who is often called Kasi Mlungu, has found another reason to love the Kasi way of life.

She told the Daily Sun that she was in love and that black men are the best because they are kind and know how to treat women with respect.

Who is Marietjie Bothma's Husband?

She said that when she left an abusive mlungu in 2013, she promised herself that she would never date another white guy.

When Marietjie told SunTeam about her new boyfriend, it turned out that he was a fan of TV. Ashby Barden, who was on Date My Family on Mzansi Magic last year, was one of them.

The couple just got engaged. They live in Alexandra, Johannesburg. Marietjie said that when she met Ashby a year ago, she knew she had found the man of her dreams.

But sometimes there are problems between the two. Marietjie says that Mlungus asked her why she was dating a black guy, and black women often said that she had taken their man.

The Daily Sun said that their first date made Ashby’s heart melt. Ashby said, “It did seem strange that she spoke Zulu even though she was white and had blue eyes.”

He said that he had always wanted to be with a white woman because he thought they were honest, loving, and kind.


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About Marietjie Bothma’s Family

Bothma’s daughter Klariez and son Brandon, who is “very heartbroken” about their mother’s death, are still alive.

Bothma talked about the pain she went through as a child when she spoke out about abuse and was punished by drinking pepper water.

Even though the mission had in the past brushed off abuse claims by saying they were caused by specific people and not the mission, Bothma’s evidence showed that she was tortured in a systematic way at home and at the mission’s school.

Even though the mission said that escaping would solve the problem, she told everyone about the sexual attack by her adoptive father.

Who is Marietjie Bothma's Husband?

Marietjie Bothma, an actor and radio host, went to the home of her close friend Thabang Mochela in the Vaal to “rest” two weeks ago.

They had no idea that this would be the last time they would see each other. Bothma, who was also known as Intombi Yomzulu, died on Monday after a short illness at the Kopanong Hospital in Vereeniging. She had turned forty.

She won over the hearts of the people when she spoke Zulu in a commercial for pie and acted in some of Mzansi’s most popular soap operas. She also spoke at the start of Jacob Zuma’s term as president.

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