Who is Mackenzie Dern? Lets Talk About Her Childhood, Parents and More Info! 2023

Who is Mackenzie Dern? Mackenzie Dern’s folks are cheering for her in her fight with Angela Hill on May 21. They want her to win.

Mackenzie Dern is an American mixed martial artist. Her real name is Mackenzie Lynn Dern Santos, and she also does Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Once, the UFC athlete was ranked No. 1 in the world by the IBJJF. Now, she is ranked No. 6 in the female category.

Dern has won world titles in both no-gl BJJ and the ADCC. As of May 9, 2023, the fighter is named #8 in the UFC’s strawweight rankings for women.

The athlete’s professional job in martial arts has done well in part because he learns quickly and has a lot of focus.

Mackenzie won a world title at every level of the belt system as she worked her way up to black belt, which her father gave her in December 2012, three months before she turned 20.

Mackenzie Dern Parents: Wellington Dias and Luciana Tavaras

On March 24, 1993, in Phoenix, Arizona, Mackenzie Dern’s parents had another talent.

The UFC fighter’s father is Wellington Dias, a famous wrestler who won a lot of medals. In the same way, Luciana Tavares is the grandmother, and she has also earned a black belt.

Wellington has won a lot of titles at the Pan American Games, the European Championships, the World Championships, the US National Championships, the Rickson Gracie International Championships, the Rio de Janeiro State Championships, and the ADCC.

Mackenzie’s father is the only Brazilian jiu-jitsu player to have taken part in all 24 games since the first World Jiu-Jitsu Championship in 1996.

Who is Mackenzie Dern?

Mackenzie Dern’s parent’s strong martial arts activity greatly affected Mackenzie Dern’s childhood in Phoenix, Arizona.

Because of how and why her parents raised her, Dern grew up in a place where martial arts were taught and practiced. The martial artist began training when she was three, just like her family had done before her.

The trust her parents set up made it possible for her to improve her skills and follow her love for the sport.

Mackenzie Dern’s parents have always been there for her, and her training in martial arts has helped her become the great athlete she is today.

Mackenzie Dern keeps making a name for herself in the mixed martial arts world with her dedication, physical skill, and love for the sport.


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Mackenzie Dern Family And Ethnicity

You can’t say enough about how important Mackenzie Dern’s family was in her life and how they shaped who she is.

Her two half-brothers, Korah and Merrick, are also part of her family. Mackenzie has been practicing martial arts since she was young, and she is still getting better.

A lot of Dern’s childhood was spent moving between Arizona and Brazil, where her father was from.

Both of the athlete’s parents are from Brazil, so she speaks both Portuguese and English well. Dern has also said that Portuguese is now her first language.

In February 2019, Dern made a very important choice about her future in MMA. She put it on hold for now because she was pregnant.

Pro surfer Wesley Santos and Dern tie their wedding knots. But in 2022, they broke up, and no one knows why.

Who is Mackenzie Dern?

On June 9, 2019, the woman gave birth to a girl named Moa. Dern’s life has changed a lot since she became a mother, but she still tries to balance her work goals with her duties as an active parent.

Mackenzie Dern’s journey has been shaped by her family and racial background. This has given her a strong sense of who she is and a well-rounded view of life and martial arts.

Before she turned 20, Mackenzie won a world title in every belt she moved up to, even black. The martial artist is the only woman who has won gold medals at the black belt level for Jiu-Jitsu.

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