Who is Karol G Currently Dating? How Did People Feel About Karol G and Feid’s Steamy Performance? 2023

Who is Karol G Currently Dating? At the time, Feid and Karol G.’s dating rumors are all over social media. If you don’t know, let us tell you that the two artists were rumored to be dating after their steamy performance at a concert in Puerto Rico.

What are Karol G and Feid talking about? Do they have a date? Read on to find out the answers to the questions above and to learn more about the musicians’ personal lives.

There Are Reports That Colombian Singers Karol G and Feid Are Dating After Their Steamy Performance on Stage.

Feid joined Karol G on stage at a show in Puerto Rico not too long ago. The last stop on Karol’s “$trip Love” tour was recently at the Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Soon after that, she shocked everyone by having Feid show up as a guest.

Who is Karol G Currently Dating?

The two Colombian stars can be seen dancing on stage in a video that has gone viral. Now, their friends want them to get together. Along with this, they say that she talked about Feid in her most recent song, “Tus Gafitas.”

Karol G and Feid Have Worked Together in the Past.

The Spanish singer and Shakira just released a new song together. In addition to this, she also put out a song called “FRIKI” with Feid. Fans have been waiting for them to work together for a long time.

Salomón Villada Hoyos, who is better known by his stage name Feid, also opened for her on her most recent Bichota tour. Fans think that they might be dating because of his recent showing and their work together.

When the music video for the song “FRIKI” came out, it was said that the two were dating because it showed Karol G dancing on Feid. In October 2021, the Bichota tour started, and in December 2021, Friki came out. It seems to be the reason why the artists who were born in Medelln have grown close to each other and have great chemistry.

Are Feid and Karol G Dating?

As of right now, neither Feid nor Karol G has said anything public about the dating rumors. It looks like their hot chemistry on stage was only for the cameras and the show.

When Feid talked to reporters about the reports in the past, he said, “If I had something to say, I’d say it, but I don’t. We made a song together, I went on tour with her, and I love her a lot, but that’s it.

How Did People Feel About Karol G and Feid’s Steamy Performance?

Most people on social media are already sure that something is going on between the two artists. They had great chemistry on stage, and people have been sharing their thoughts on Twitter about the two people who seem to be dating.

One Twitter user said, “Feid and Karol G need to make it official already, the chemistry between those two is just.” Another user said, “I can’t stop thinking about Karol g and Feid, they’re so hot together.”

Who is Karol G Currently Dating?

Then a third person wrote, “It’s over, I need a Feid and Karol G song asap, Rocky.” Another user said, “I need a guy who will look at me the way Feid looks at Karol G.”

Another user added, “Omfg I love Karol G & Feid.” Someone on social media wrote, “Feid and Karol G last night, they need to stop playing and make it official.” A fan wrote, “Feid and Karol G have my whole heart.”

We Look at Karol G’s Past Relationships.

Before she started dating Feid, the singer of “Don’t Be Shy” was in a relationship with Bull Nene, a Colombian songwriter. The U.S. Sun said that the two were together from February 2018 to September 2018.

In 2017, it was said that the Tusa singer was dating fellow Colombian singer J Balvin, but the two singers never revealed that they were dating. As of right now, she has been with Anuel AA the longest and most seriously.

Karol G dated the singer Anuel AA for almost 3 years back in the day. The first time they met was on the set of their “Culpables” music video in 2018. That same year, they started dating. After a year, in their homemade music video for “Secreto,” they showed their fans a glimpse of their private lives.

They even got engaged in April 2019, but they ended their relationship in April 2021, after almost 3 years together. They then posted on social media about their breakup. Karol and her ex-boyfriend Anuel AA may not have been meant to be together forever.

Anuel told everyone about their breakup during a live Instagram session at the time. He said, “The truth is that we’re not together. We still love each other, which is why people have seen us together. We both tried to get back what had been lost, but we did it in different ways. May God bless her and help her keep going after her goals and dreams.”

He also put an end to reports that they didn’t like each other. He then said, “There is no bad blood between us. We get along really well.”

Not long after that, Karol broke her silence about their romance on her Instagram Stories. She wrote, “To protect ourselves, we tried for a long time to keep our relationship off of social media.”

The singer from Cairo also said, “The amazing things that happened to us as people and artists were a blessing and the result of a beautiful love that came into our lives when we needed it most.” I love you, Emmanuel, and I’m very thankful for you, your family, and everything we did, grew, and learned together.

Do you think that Feid and Karol G would make a good couple? In the comments part below, please tell us what you think about the rumored couple. Don’t forget to check back with us to find out what’s going on in the world of show business.

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