Who Is Jason Momoa Dating: Is He Married? Checked-In Detailed!

Momoa and Lisa Bonet, who wed in 2017, shocked fans when they announced their decision to terminate their relationship in a joint statement after more than a decade together.

“We have all felt the pressure and shifts of these transformative times… A revolution is occurring, and our family is not immune… feeling and maturing as a result of the seismic shifts,” the Aquaman actor and actress wrote on Instagram in January 2022. “Therefore, we inform our family that we are getting divorced. We share this not because we believe it to be newsworthy, but so that we may live our lives with dignity and honesty.

Who Is Jason Momoa Dating?

When Jason Momoa and Eiza González were observed on vacation together in Costa Rica at the beginning of 2021, rumors of their relationship began to circulate. Fans were quick to conjecture about their budding romance, even though neither Momoa nor González had confirmed their relationship at the time.

A few months later, the couple was observed together on multiple occasions, including at the 2021 Academy Awards, where they posed for photos on the red carpet.

They had also been spotted spending time together in Los Angeles and Momoa’s native state of Hawaii, among other locations. Although Momoa and González have not verified their relationship publicly, sources close to the pair have confirmed that they are dating.

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Who Is Jason Momoa?

Jason Momoa born August 1, 1979, is an American actor. This was followed by portrayals of Ronon Dex on the Syfy science fiction series Stargate Atlantis (2005–2009) and Khal Drogo in the premiere two seasons of the HBO fantasy drama series Game of Thrones (2011–2012).

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He went on to play the main roles in the 2016–2018 Discovery Channel historical drama series Frontier and the 2019–2022 Apple TV+ science fiction series See. Aquaman has been depicted by Momoa in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) since 2016, including in the 2018 solo film Aquaman. In addition to his role as Duncan Idaho in the science fiction film Dune (2021), Momoa has also starred in the action film Fast X (2023).

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Dating History Of Jason Momoa

Here, I will discuss Jason Momoa’s dating history. Let’s see the data on Jason’s dating, A man in love! As Jason Momoa rose to stardom, his romantic life quickly became a topic of conversation. On the other hand, Keep Your Eyes is his dating history of Jason Momoa.

  • Simmone Mackinnon
  • Lisa Bonet
  • Eiza Gonzalez

Is Jason Momoa Married?

Lisa Bonet was previously married to Jason Momoa. The couple met for the first time in 2005 and began dating soon after. In July 2007, they greeted their first child, a daughter named Lola, and in December 2008, they had a son named Nakoa-Wolf.

In October 2017, Momoa and Bonet wed in a private ceremony at their residence in Topanga, California, after remaining together for more than a decade. The couple kept their relationship relatively private and did not proclaim their marriage until several months later.

Why Did Jason Momoa take divorce From His Wife?

According to an insider, Jason is extremely satisfied with Eiza and appreciates spending time with her. She is extremely entertaining and brings out his adventurous side.” This new relationship follows Momoa’s over-a-decade-long marriage to actress Lisa Bonet, which produced two children.

The couple announced their separation in 2020, and since then, Momoa has prioritized his career and family. She has had notable relationships with actors Timothée Chalamet and Josh Duhamel, among others. Nonetheless, it appears that she and Momoa have developed a special bond.

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A source revealed in May 2022, “Eiza and Jason are dating casually.” “However, they are having a good time and learning to know one another. Since their first encounter, there has been an attraction. They are both extremely attracted to one another and are evaluating their relationship.

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