Who is IshowSpeed Girlfriend Now? Why did IShowSpeed Breakup With Ava Villain?

Who is IshowSpeed Girlfriend Now? IshowSpeed, a famous YouTuber with a huge fan base, has kept people’s attention with his funny videos and charming personality. Even though he tells his friends a lot about his life, they still don’t know much about his relationships with women. In this piece, we look into the mystery of IshowSpeed’s ex-girlfriend, who has sparked a lot of interest among his fans.

Who is IshowSpeed?

Most people know Darren Watkins Jr. as IShowSpeed or Speed. He is an American rapper, streamer, and YouTuber from Cincinnati, Ohio. He is known for his entertaining live streams of games and fun. Roblox, Fortnite, and FIFA are some of his favorite games. In 2021, IShowSpeed’s channel got more than a million members in just a few days. This was an amazing feat.

As of March 2023, he has more than 16.6 million subscribers, and his YouTube videos have been seen 1.28 billion times. IShowSpeed’s live streams often show shocking behavior, which has caused a lot of controversy, but his loyal fan base keeps growing at an amazing rate. Even though he has a bad image, he reached a big milestone by going from 1 million to 11 million subscribers in less than a year and a half.

Who is IshowSpeed Girlfriend Now?

According to several sources, IShowSpeed is going out with Ermony Renee right now. In 2021, IShowSpeed brought her up on his live stream to let people know that the two were dating. Ermony Renee is a TikToker, and her videos have been shown several times on IShowSpeed’s channel.

IshowSpeed with Ermony Renee

Even though there have been rumors that their relationship has been on and off, the most current information says that they are still together. IShowSpeed and Ermony Renee are in a relationship because of this.

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Who is IshowSpeed’s Ex-Girlfriend?

IShowSpeed used to date a transgender woman named Ava Villain (Barbie). They broke up in 2021. Ava is in the news because she recently posted a video in which she asked a DashDoor driver if she could give him a he*d. Since his alleged ex-girlfriend, Ava Villain (Barbie), posted a video in which she asked if she could give a he*d to a DashDoor driver, many of IShowSpeed’s fans have been worried about his personal life.

People want to know more about Ava and their link because of this. First, Ava’s last name hasn’t been found for sure yet. Others say it’s Barbie, while some say it’s Villain.

Why did IShowSpeed Breakup With Ava Villain?

IShowSpeed’s split with Ava Villain (Barbie) hasn’t been explained yet. IShowSpeed dated Barbie’s Ava Villain around 2021, but they broke up that same year. Ava Villain (Barbie) is a transgender woman. IShowSpeed and Ava Villain (Barbie) talk about their relationship in a YouTube movie, but it doesn’t say anything about how they broke up.

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Is Ava Villain, the Ex-Girlfriend of IShowSpeed, a Transgender Person?

Some sources say that Ava is a transgender person, which is true. She has talked mostly on her TikTok about her journey to change gender. Then, sometime around 2021, @ishowspeed and Ava went on a date.

IshowSpeed with Ava Villain

On IShowSpeed’s live stream, they often showed up at the same time. You can still watch the flicks on his YouTube page. Even though it was said that they broke up the same year, neither IShowSpeed nor Ava ever said why they did.

How Did IShowSpeed Become Successful?

IShowSpeed, whose real name is Darren Watkins Jr, used to bring food to elderly people in a nursing home before he joined YouTube. He started YouTube because he was bored in lockdown. He started uploading his game videos in the middle of 2019, but some of the early videos weren’t very good and didn’t have any commentary.

IShowSpeed got a lot of attention in a short amount of time because of his unique material. He is one of the content creators who is growing the fastest. In just a year, he has gained millions of fans. He got almost a million fans between May and June of 2021. IShowSpeed shares streams of games like FIFA and Fortnite, among other things.


IshowSpeed, an American rapper, streamer, and YouTuber, gained popularity with his entertaining live streams of games like Roblox, Fortnite, and FIFA. He has over 16.6 million subscribers and has been seen 1.28 billion times on YouTube. IShowSpeed is currently dating TikToker Ermony Renee, who was previously with Ava Villain (Barbie). The reason for their split is unknown, but some sources suggest Ava is a transgender person. IShowSpeed started YouTube in 2019 and has gained millions of fans in just a year.

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