Who is India’s First Female Motovlogger? Which Bike is Owned by Her?

Vishakha Fulsunge’s first extended ride was through the winding ghats of Lonavala with her mother as the pillion rider, using borrowed gear in torrential rain. A few years later, she rode a record-breaking 1,800 kilometers in a single span from Mumbai to Vishakhapatnam.

She is also listed in the India Book of Records as the first woman to ride to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and as the first and quickest woman rider to complete the Narmada parikrama. Vishakha is a resident of Mumbai and embodies the city’s entrepreneurial spirit: regardless of who you are, if you work hard for your ambitions, they will come true.

The adjective enterprising best describes Vishakha. She worked numerous double shifts and anchoring jobs, and at the age of 23, she purchased her own motorcycle. The appellation for the handsome KTM 390 Duke was Kashish.

Teenage Vishakha Fulsunge was enticed into the world of motorcycling by the neighborhood lads’ affinity for speed. She utilized her father’s Lambretta to practice daredevil riding on borrowed bicycles. Practice included wheelies, stoppies, and standing on the bike as a rider.

However, her mother’s aversion to her frequently fractured bones marked the conclusion of the stunt chapter. She was also interested in drag racing and circuit racing, but due to a lack of opportunities, she abandoned the capital-intensive sport.

This resulted in a few extended biker journeys. However, she soon discovered that riding alone was more rewarding. Vishakha was inspired to make her amateur bicycle films into good vlogs after discovering foreign women riders who vlogged on the internet. She is India’s first female moto vlogger, with 789K YouTube subscribers who watch her videos.

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She began with the intention of popularizing female bikers and providing insight into how their environment differs from that of male riders. The most fundamental example she gives is how guys see the entire world as a bathroom, and how this basic need is a massive barrier for female riders.

India's First Female Motovlogger

Other problems Vishakha has on all of her single rides are ensuring her safety and, on occasion, finding motels that accommodate a lone woman. The daring rider is also skilled in basic bike repair and always rides with a toolkit. She can repair punctures, broken clutch cables, and other issues on her own. She now teaches young females to ride and motovlog as a way of passing on her skills.

Vishakha’s sole gripe about vlogging is that it frequently throws her schedule off! She comfortably deviates off the freeways, taking arterial roads and soaking in tiny bits of the country. And, owing to her vast vlogging equipment, she brings her YouTube and social media fans along for the ride. Vishakha and Kashish have been on the road for five years and will be on their way to Hampi shortly; if you see them, wave and say hello.

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