Who is Ihor Potieria? Lets Tell You About His Age , Potieria Family, Biography and More in 2023

Who is Ihor Potieria? The UFC supporters are interested in learning more about Ihor Potieria. Ihor Potieria’s origins, professional history, and UFC victories are all covered in more length on this page.

Ukrainian mixed martial artist Ihor Potieria competes in the UFC’s light heavyweight class. The young fighter, who is from Ukraine but trains with American Top Team, has earned the moniker “Ihor the Duelist” thanks to his exciting fighting style.

Potieria, a Southpaw striker with a string of knockout wins under his belt, attained champion status by winning the MMA World Championship at WWFC.

The Ukrainian fighter is also currently ranked 40th among all light heavyweight MMA competitors worldwide.

Most recently, on January 21, 2023, during UFC 283, Potieria faced up against Shogun Rua. There, he showed exceptional force and agility while dishing out relentless strikes, ultimately winning by end-of-round TKO.

His remarkable accomplishments and ferocious fighting style should not, however, be disregarded.

It is clear that he is a significant participant in this market because Potieria’s upcoming fight is eagerly anticipated by UFC fans all around the world.

How Old is Ihor Potieria According to Wikipedia?

Ihor Potieria is a well-known UFC fighter from Ukraine, however, he is not yet mentioned in any individual Wikipedia articles.

He is 26 years old and fights in the light heavyweight class. He was born on May 29, 1996.

He was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, but now resides in the United States. Additionally, Ihor began studying fight sambo and pankration when he was ten years old and has since earned the title of International Master of Sports in fight Sambo, Pankration, and Horting.

Who is Ihor Potieria?

As a skilled MMA fighter, Potieria has racked up an impressive resume of nineteen wins, including eight by KO/TKO and six by submission, all of which were achieved using his distinctive style to striking and grappling skills.

Potieria, wearing his distinctive southpaw stance, primarily represents American Top Team.

His towering height is around six feet three inches, or 190 cm, and his weight is approximately 205 pounds (92.99 kilograms), with a reach of 75 inches.

Ihor Potieria does not presently have a Wikipedia article, but his impressive performance history and unique fighting style have gained him a sizable fan base in the MMA community.


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Information on the Potieria Family

Potieria’s family is probably Ukrainian because, as previously mentioned, he is from Kyiv, Ukraine.

He hasn’t revealed much about his parents or other family members, either, and he tries to keep a low profile when it comes to issues pertaining to his private life.

Currently, Potieria’s whole attention is on a game that will take place on Sunday, May 14, 2023.

Despite the fact that not much is known about Potieria’s past other than what he freely discusses, he has swiftly become extremely well-known for putting on outstanding performances inside the UFC octagon ring.

Who is Ihor Potieria?

Likewise, it’s critical to respect his privacy and keep the spotlight on his athletic accomplishments.

Fans of Potieria should show their love for his sporting prowess without inquiring into his personal life; respecting limits elevates one above the status of a mere fan.

His devoted supporters will continue to support him and keep a close eye on his professional development as Potieria strives to compete at the highest levels of MMA.

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