Who is Hannah Waddingham Husband? The History of Her Family, Kids and More Info! 2023

Who is Hannah Waddingham Husband? Many people have been looking at Hannah Waddingham’s husband. Find out more about the marriage life of the Ted Lasso actress here.

Hannah Waddingham is a well-known English actress who is best known for playing Rebecca Welton in the popular comedy show Ted Lasso.

The skilled actress has been working in this field for a long time and has already been in many successful movies and TV shows.

Waddingham has also won some awards because of this, such as Primetime Emmy Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Mr. Ted Lasso, Who is Hannah Waddingham’s Husband?

No, Ted Lasso, Hannah Waddingham has never been married and does not have a husband. The 48-year-old actress seems to be focused on her work at the moment.

Hannah, on the other hand, was in a relationship, and her last one was with a hotel manager named Gianluca Cugnetto.

Who is Hannah Waddingham Husband?

A report says that the two of them met in 2012 through a common friend. After knowing each other for a few years, the two fell in love with each other and started dating.

Hannah and Gianluca went to a lot of public events together while they were together. You can also find their photos on the internet.

Jenna Jameson’s illness in 2023 and the condition of Guillain-Barré syndrome are hot topics all over the world.

Does Hannah Waddingham Have Kids?

Yes, Hannah Waddingham has already started a family. Her daughter, Kitty, is a blessing. In 2016, Waddingham and her ex-boyfriend Gianluca had their first kid.

In 2023, Kitty, Hannah’s kid, will be 7 years old. A report says that Kitty has an inflammatory disease called Henoch–Schonlein purpura. This is an IgA-mediated immune vasculitis that affects the small blood vessels of the joints, kidneys, gastrointestinal (GI) tract, skin, and, less often, the central nervous system and lungs.

Waddingham keeps her Emmy award in her daughter’s room as a reminder to her daughter that she will only ever leave for a really good reason.

Hannah can also be found on Instagram under the name @hannah_waddingham, where we can follow her. Hannah has more than 658k friends on Instagram, and her account has been verified.


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The History of Hannah Waddingham’s Family

Hannah Waddingham comes from a really good family. Hannah was born in Wandsworth, England, on July 28, 1974. Harry Kelly and Melodie Kelly, her parents, raised her.

Melodie, Hannah’s mom, sang with the English National Opera for more than 20 years. When her mother joined, Hannah was only eight years old.

So, Hannah watched her mom perform and practice on the stages as she grew up. Waddingham’s great four-octave singing range suggests that she got her musical talent from her mother.

Who is Hannah Waddingham Husband?

Also, no one knows much about Hannah’s father because the actress has never talked about him in the media. This may be because she wants to protect his privacy.

There is no record of the Actress having any other children, so it is safe to say that she is her parents’ only kid. She went to the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts when she was young.

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