Who is Gregg Pettigrew Wife? What Happened to Gregg Pettigrew? Latest News! 2023

Who is Gregg Pettigrew Wife? The news says that the actor Gregg Pettigrew killed his gay boyfriend and tried to kill himself. Who is the wife of Gregg Pettigrew? Let’s find out if he ever got married.

Gregg Pettigrew is a well-known actor, but he is best known for his roles in the movies Getroud Met Rugby and The Fugitive. And the TV shows Legacy and The Good, the Old, and the Greedy.

Also, he has been a TV and theater star for 51 years. In the same way, he is known for being in the 7de Laan.

After hearing about the murder case, which was recently reported on the Internet, the 7de Laan production team put out a statement saying that they were staying away from the character.

In the same way, the sentence says, “The person in question is not in the current cast.” The suspect is thought to have been an actor who had roles in several other South African soap operas.”

He was also on the popular BBC Lifestyle show Come Dine With Me, which he won in May 2020. He also won the show.

Many of his friends and people who used to love him have changed their minds about him since they heard about the domestic violence.

Gregg Pettigrew Wife: Is the SA actor married?

Gregg Pettigrew is a big deal in the news right now, and he is often asked about his wife and if he has ever been married.

So, according to the information accessible online, he was married to John. Gregg and John were the first gay couple to get married in jail.

Who is Gregg Pettigrew Wife?

In the same way, the couple was also caught in 2013 for fraud. They have also been called “Bonnie and Clyde” by the press.


Gregg and John got married in February 2014, according to the sources, but their wedding was a mess. Gregg’s partner was an illegal immigrant, so they couldn’t get married at first.

After that, the couple went to the Johannesburg High Court with their case. The couple was also accused of ripping off other gay and lesbian people.

Gregg Pettigrew Wikipedia Bio And Age

Gregg Pettigrew is a well-known actor and director who is said to be 51 years old this year. People are looking for his Wikipedia page to learn more about his life and work.

The official Wiki page for an actor doesn’t have a bio, but we can still learn about his film work from well-known sites like IMDB.

He is also involved on many social media sites, where he used to share his photos and posts. But we don’t know anything about his personal life right now.

Pettigrew’s birth date and place have also been a mystery that hasn’t been updated, and information about what he did as a child has also not been found.


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What Happened to Gregg Pettigrew?

Gregg Pettigrew killed his 29-year-old partner in Kempton Park on Thursday, April 13, 2023. After killing his partner, he tried to kill himself.

When the cops and investigators got to the scene of the crime, they confirmed what had happened and that someone had been shot. In the same way, the character was also carefully taken to the hospital.

Who is Gregg Pettigrew Wife?

According to the sources, Gregg will go to the Kempton Park Magistrate’s Court on April 17 to face murder charges.

So, it looks like he is in the hospital, but we don’t know for sure where he is right now.

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