Who is Emma Chamberlain Dating? How Did Emma and Tucker Meet?

Who is Emma Chamberlain Dating? Emma Chamberlain is a well-known name on the internet. She started out making videos on YouTube, and in 2018, she got the Streamy Award for Breakout Creator. She didn’t finish college, but she made a job for herself on YouTube and did well. She was born in California, America, on May 22, 2001. She quit college and started making money on YouTube. She has also written a book that is very beautiful. Many copies of the book The Ideal Planner have been sold. Anything Goes is the name of Emma’s show.

Since she is a YouTuber, her videos are easy to understand. At first, the films she made were very real and raw. They were just videos of her screaming and showing off her hair or pimples. They were just odd pieces of paper about her life that she posted online. Her videos and the fact that she was real made her well-known and very popular on the site.

Who is Emma Chamberlain Dating?

People say that Emma Chamberlain is seeing Tucker Pillsbury. Tucker’s stage name is also “Role Model.” People say he is dating Emma, and they have been seen together a few times. Emma Chamberlin and Role Model, whose real name is Tucker Pillsbury, and who is a musician, went public with their relationship, which has been going on for more than a year.
Emma and Tucker together
After dating for more than a year, the musician, whose real name is Tucker Pillsbury, and the 21-year-old announced their engagement in a picture on the cover of GQ’s Valentine’s Day issue, E Online said. During an interview on the Call Her Daddy podcast in February 2022, the YouTuber told host Alex Cooper that she was in a relationship but said she wasn’t ready to say who with. But Emma is now talking about why she finally feels ready to share her love with her fans. This comes after she took the plunge and made their Instagram relationship public.

Who is Tucker Pillsbury?

Tucker Pillsbury grew up in Cape Elizabeth, a town on the coast of Maine that is near Portland. He went to Point Park University in Pittsburgh, which is why he moved there. GQ says that when Pillsbury started failing his classes, he tried out different kinds of music, mostly rap. Mac Miller liked his music so much that he flew Pillsbury out to California, where he put out his first record, Rx.

How Did Emma and Tucker Meet?

Fans have long wondered if Instagram had anything to do with how the two met, and Chamberlain has now confirmed that it did. Pillsbury slid into Emma’s direct messages to praise a photo, which Chamberlain says is how the two met.
But Pillsbury said that what really got him excited was a TikTok video.

He told GQ that he had a film of Emma “trying to twerk to a Dayglow song in the bathroom and being surprised that her behind moved a little bit.” I don’t know why, it had nothing to do with the twerking, and I’m not a creep, but it showed who she was.”

During the same interview, the pair said that they had been texting each other nonstop for two months before they met in person. When they finally met, their first date was at Chamberlain’s house. They ate veggie pizza from Crossroads Kitchen and played Fortnite.

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Emma told GQ about the date and said that she and her date sat on different sides of the couch and didn’t kiss. Emma told GQ, “I couldn’t talk because I was shaking.” “I didn’t want to be close to him because I thought, “He’ll see that I’m shaking, so I have to be far away.”

What has Emma Chamberlain Said About Tucker Pillsbury?

Well, isn’t that the question? When a paparazzi told the blogger recently that a TikToker liked her, she said, “I’m not a cheater.” Emma said, “Right” when the photographer asked, “So you’re in a relationship then?” When she was on the Call Her Daddy podcast, she also seemed to hint at their connection.

Emma in pink dress

When she talked about her personality, she said, “I’m completely at ease with where I’m more feminine and where I’m more masculine now that I’m in a relationship where my masculine and feminine traits are valued.” “I’m also dating someone who doesn’t care about that crap and likes people for who they are. They’re also like me in that masculinity and femininity don’t matter in our relationship.”

She said later, “Being best friends with your partner is the best thing ever.

“When you’re in a good relationship, it’s almost like you’ve found a missing piece. They have all the things you wish you had, and you learn from them and they learn from you.

Who Else Has Emma Chamberlain Dated?

Emma has always kept her private life private, but it was said in 2019 that she dated Aaron Hull, who is a TikTok star. Even though Emma never said if they were dating or not, fans noticed that they often posted videos and pictures in the same places. Followers even saw Emma in one of her shots wearing Aaron’s sweater. Emma and Ethan Dolan were also the subject of a lot of rumors, but they never said anything about them.


Emma Chamberlain, a YouTuber, and author, has gained popularity on the platform. She has made videos on YouTube and has written a book called The Ideal Planner. Emma Chamberlain is dating musician Tucker Pillsbury, also known as “Role Model.” They announced their engagement in a Valentine’s Day issue photo.

Emma Chamberlain has made her Instagram relationship public, revealing that she met Pillsbury through a TikTok video. She has always kept her private life private, but in 2019, she dated TikTok star Aaron Hull. Emma and Ethan Dolan were also the subject of rumors, but they never disclosed their relationship.

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