Who is Dick Fosbury Wife Robin Tomasi? Lets Talk About His Kids, Family and Wealth at the End of Life! 2023

Who is Dick Fosbury Wife Robin Tomasi? People want to know more about Dick Fosbury’s wife and family now that they know about his death.

After a short bout with cancer, Dick Fosbury died peacefully in his sleep early Sunday morning.

Fosbury was an American high jumper who changed the sport by coming up with a new way to jump. This new way of jumping is known as the “Fosbury Flop.”

Fosbury didn’t stop being interested in athletics after he stopped competing. He served on the Executive Board of the World Olympians Association.

He was a high jumper, but he also became an engineer and a successful businessman.

Who is Dick Fosbury Wife Robin Tomasi?

At the time of his death, Fosbury was married to Robin Tomasi. Fosbury’s wife was said to be with him when he was sick and to have stayed with him until he died.

Robin stayed out of the spotlight, and not much has been said about her. She was married before Fosbury, and she had kids with her first husband.

Fosbury often talked about how important his wife was to him, saying that she was a big part of his life and played a big role in it.

Who is Dick Fosbury Wife Robin Tomasi?

They were together for a long time, but Robin wanted to get away from the eyes of the media. So, not much is known about her, and only a few pictures of her have been found.

A lot of people don’t like to share information and would rather keep it to themselves.

Dick Fosbury About the Kids and the Family

Dick Fosbury and his wife, Robin Tomasi, had a son named Erich. Fosbury had two stepchildren, Stephanie and Kristin, who were not his own. The couple only had one child together.

Fosbury was very close to each of his children. When he died, they were all around him.

After he found out he had cancer, he spent a lot of time with his family. Fosbury was a family man, and many people said that he was kind and helpful.

He was born to Richard “Dick” Fosbury Sr. and Barbara Ann Fosbury, who are part of the Fosbury family. On March 6, 1947, in Portland, Oregon, USA, he met his parents for the first time.

Richard, his father, was an electrical engineer. His mother, on the other hand, was a housewife. His parents helped him with his work and were an important part of it.

Fosbury didn’t say anything about his brothers, so it’s possible that he is an only child and doesn’t have any siblings.


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Dick Fosbury’s Wealth at the End of Life

Fosbury was a great athlete, and he was also a successful businessman. Sources say that in 2023, he would have had a net worth of $1.5 million.

Fosbury won a gold medal at the Olympics in 1968. He stayed active in athletics and served on the Executive Board of the World Olympians Association.

Who is Dick Fosbury Wife Robin Tomasi?

Fosbury was interested in politics and was a Blaine County Commissioner in Idaho. This could have been another way for him to make money.

He might also have another way to make money that he hasn’t told anyone about, like a business or stocks.

Fosbury was often private about his personal life, and he never talked about how much money he made in public.

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