Who is David Neeleman’s Wife? Lets Talk About His 10 Children, Ex-wife, Family in 2023

Who is David Neeleman’s Wife? David Neeleman Their ten children were all born to their wife, Vicki Neeleman. Here’s what we know about their life together as a couple.

David Neeleman is an American businessman and inventor who was born in Brazil and is involved in many businesses. Neeleman is known for starting five companies, including WestJet and Jet Blue.

In the same way, David held 45% of TAP Air Portugal, which is a business airline in Europe. David announced in June 2018 that he wanted to start a new airline in the United States called Breeze Airways. To do this, he raised $100 million in funding.

Neeleman has also been given some names because of his many works. Neeleman became a Cypriot citizen in 2017.

Who is Vicki Neeleman, David Neeleman’s Wife?

David Neeleman was married to Vicki Neeleman in the past. The former couple was together for a long time, but not much is known about how they got together.

But a story said that Vicki and David got married in 1990 when David moved back to Utah. People also think that they were in love in college.

Some sources also say that David’s ex-wife is an American businessman who has also worked as the president of TAP.

As was already said, neither of them let the press know about their private lives. Because of this, none of the news organizations can find out more about their marriage.

Who is David Neeleman's Wife?

Many people are also interested in their divorce settlement, but we don’t know the date of their split, so we can’t tell you.

But Bloomberg has said that David got a lot of money from his ex-wife when they split up. So, it’s safe to say that their deal was a big one.

After he broke up with Vicki, David is now said to be married to a new woman named Eva. You can also find pictures of them on the internet.

Meet David Neeleman Ten Children With Vicki

David Neeleman and his ex-wife, Vicki Neeleman, have ten children together. After being married for a year, the couple had their first child, Ashley.

Ashley is also a businessman. She has always been interested in business and fashion. She started Cecelia New York because of this in 2015 and has been working since then.

Ashley is doing well in her personal life as well as her work life. She is married to Matthew Cole. The married couple is also happy to have six children: Samuel, Eli, Cecelia, Naomi, Geneviev, and Vivienne.

In the same way, Neeleman’s other daughter, Hannah, is also involved in farming. Her Instagram bio says that she has seven children.

Seth Neeleman, his other kid, seems to play sports. He is said to be a lacrosse player. Their photos are also easy to find on the web.


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Find Out About David Neeleman’s Family

David Neeleman comes from a good family. He was born in So Paulo, Brazil, on October 16, 1959. Rose and Gary Neeleman, the businessman’s parents, raised him in Cottonwood Heights, Utah.

Who is David Neeleman's Wife?

David also lived in Brazil until he was five years old. As a young missionary, his dad had gone to Brazil. Neeleman’s grandpa, John Neeleman, was born in Utah to parents who came from the Netherlands. He owned nine convenience shops.

Since most of David’s family members run their own businesses, it’s safe to say that they encouraged him to do the same.

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