Who is Danny Trejo’s Girlfriend? Let’s Tell You About His Ex-wife, Ex-girlfriends and Their Children! 2023

Who is Danny Trejo’s Girlfriend? American actor Danny Trejo is known for playing tough guys in movies. He was born in Los Angeles, CA, on May 16, 1944. Trejo has been in many films, such as “Machete,” “Desperado,” and “Heat.” With his strong build, tattoos, and rough-looking attitude, he stands out in the business. Trejo has had a successful career in both movies and TV shows. He has also done voice work.

Who is Danny Trejo’s Girlfriend?

Danny is keeping his personal life secret right now, so not much is known about who he is meeting. The actor’s supposed love life, on the other hand, made news in 2021 when pictures of him with Nadia Lee Cohen showed up on Instagram.

As a British painter, photographer, and director, Nadia is influenced by pop culture in her work. Her Instagram page had pictures of celebs like Kim Kardashian from magazines.

Still, Danny Trejo became known to a lot of people after being on Nadia’s Instagram page. In the pictures she shared, the British photographer was kissing Danny while he stood by the pool’s slide.

Who is Danny Trejo's Girlfriend?
Then, Nadia wrote in the captions of her pictures, “It’s summer.” Fans have known for years that it was all part of Nadia’s shooting, even though at first the pictures made people think that Trejo and Nadia were dating.

In 2017, Nadia was the first to show the pictures to the public. She did it again in 2019. She had said before that the most memorable part of her work was her first kiss with Danny Trejo.

Who Was the Ex-wife of Danny Trejo?

The actor’s first wife was named Debbie. They got married in 1997, but they split up in 2009. Debbie was born in California on June 5, 1957. She used to be an actor.

She started acting in 2005. Her first role was as a helper in the movie Tennis, Anyone…?, and she went on to play in the crime comedy High Hopes in 2006.

Debbie’s last movie was the 2006 crime/action movie Vengeance, in which she and Danny both had roles. After she broke up with Danny, she went to work for a real estate company called Re/Max Olson & Associates.


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Danny Trejo: Ex-girlfriends and Their Children

The star has five children, whose names are Gilbert, Danielle, Esmeralda, Danny Boy, and Jose, according to public records.

Gilbert and Danielle are the actor’s kids from his first marriage, which was to Debbie. Danny has three other children from relationships with ex-girlfriends, but he hasn’t said who they are or what their names are yet.

Who is Danny Trejo's Girlfriend?

Gilbert was born on March 8, 1988. His father Danny also has a part in the movie From A Son, which he both directed and acted in.

Danny Boy was born in 1981 and Jose in 1991. However, not much is known about them. Danny and Debbie’s daughter Danielle was born in 1990, and she has been in a few movies.

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