Who is Avril Lavigne Dating? The Past of the Friendship Between Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun Latest News! 2023

Who is Avril Lavigne Dating? Is Avril Lavigne and Tyga cooking up something? Not too long ago, the paps took pictures of the Canadian singer-songwriter when she was out with Kylie Jenner’s ex-boyfriend Tyga.

TMZ says that the Love It When You Hate Me singer was recently seen in Los Angeles with Michael Ray Stevenson, who goes by the stage name Tyga. Read on to find out more about Avril and Tyga’s most recent public appearance.

Here’s All You Need to Know About the Latest Outing of Avril Lavigne and Tyga

TMZ says that on Sunday night, February 19, 2023, the singer of “Wish You Were Here” was seen with the American rapper Tyga at one of Los Angeles’s most popular places.

They had dinner at Nobu, a popular restaurant in Los Angeles. In one of the photos that TMZ got, Avril and Kylie Jenner’s ex-boyfriend Tyga can be seen giving each other a hug.

The music stars all took the same car out of the LA hot spot. The news site TMZ also said that Avril and Tyga seemed to enjoy being with each other during their trip. People who know both of them say that they’ve been spending a lot of time together lately, but it’s not clear yet if they’re dating.

Who is Avril Lavigne Dating?
Lavigne chose a loose jacket for the night out. She finished off her outfit with a pair of combat boots with black heels and a red handbag. When we turned on some lights to look at her hair, she let her blonde hair fall in free curls.

Tyga, on the other hand, wore a black t-shirt, black pants, and a blue jacket. He added a bucket hat and a heavy gold chain to the outfit.

How Did People on the Internet Feel About Avril Lavigne and Tyga’s Latest Outing?

A lot of people on social media were confused when the singer of “Here’s to Never Growing Up” and the singer of “Bored in the House” came out. Some people on the Internet couldn’t believe that the singers were seen together because their music styles are so different.

Tyga is a well-known rapper who is best known for songs like “Rack City,” “Faded,” and “Far Away.” Avril, on the other hand, is a big deal in the pop-punk scene.

One person on social media said, “Is she cheating on MoodSum or do they have open writing???” Then, someone wrote, “It’s all fake, just like my fake relationship with mod.” “It’s strange, but I feel like they have a lot in common.” Like they look and act like rock stars.”

Another user went on to say, “Avril is married to a retired firefighter, and she has been faking public relationships for many years.” A person wrote, “I’ve noticed that things haven’t been the same between her and modsun for a while now. But bro, tyga? Are you serious? What a bad choice, lol. They left in the same car, and Modsun was gone.

One person wrote, “This might be as random as AE meeting Cher. How often do they come on? “Isn’t she married?” asked another person.


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The Past of the Friendship Between Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun is Looked at.

In the year 2020, Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun met while making songs together. E! News says that Derek Ryan Smith, better known as Mod Sun, and Avril started dating in November of the same year.

Avril talked about how she knew Mod Sun in an interview with People magazine. She said, “I knew from the first week of writing and working together in the studio that we had a very strong, unbreakable connection.” He made every day better. I felt like I’d known him for a long time. Things kept getting better as time went on, and it felt very normal.”

In January 2022, Avril and Mod stopped working on their project Flames. Since then, the couple has shown off their relationship on red carpets of award shows and on their social media accounts, among other places.

The Rich Kids Ruin Everything rapper got down on one knee in Paris in April 2022 and asked Lavigne to marry him. They told their friends and followers on Instagram about the great news. On Instagram, he wrote a beautiful poem for Avril.

“I knew you were the one the day we met. Together forever til our days are done. I dreamed that I asked her to marry me in Paris. I took out a ring and told you to put it on. As I looked into your eyes, I was on one knee. You are too beautiful for me to say what a beauty you are. I took one last breath and grabbed your hand…I said “will you marry me?” + she said “yes”. “I love you, Avril,” he wrote in the Instagram post’s text.

Mod has said in the past that Avril helped him a lot on his way to becoming sober. At that time, Sun talked about how she made him care more about his health and helped him change his idea of what a happy life is.

Who is Avril Lavigne Dating?

He said, “When you understand that success can be measured by getting old, starting a family, passing on the qualities you have, and teaching someone you brought into the world, that’s when you know you’ve made it. This is the first time in my life that I’ve started to think about how to define success in that way. I’d like to get older. I want to be a father and then a grandfather.”

As of right now, neither Avril nor Sun have said anything public about their relationship. So far, there have been no online reports about the couple breaking up.

Do you think that Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun go well together? Please let us know what you think in the area below. Don’t forget to check back with us to find out what’s going on in the world of show business.

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