Who is Andy Allen’s Wife? Everything You Need to Know! Latest News 2023

Who is Andy Allen’s Wife? Alex Davey is the name of Andy Allen’s wife. The couple got married and made a promise to each other that keeps getting stronger over time.

Andy Allen’s full name is Andrew Peter Allen. He is a skilled chef from Australia who became very popular after appearing on MasterChef Australia.

In addition to being a judge on MasterChef Australia starting in 2020, he is known for winning the fourth season of the competition show in 2012.

In 2018, Andy’s restaurant made him the first MasterChef Australia contestant to get the prized Chef’s Hat.

After Jock Zonfrillo died, the cook from MasterChef gave a moving interview on TV. This has made him popular in the media.

Allen said that he and Jock Zonfrillo ate together for three hours the day before Zonfrillo died.

The MasterChef judge said he was sorry Jock wasn’t there when he adopted a child, and he told Sarah Harris that he didn’t know Jock would become like “family” when he decided to be on the show.

Meet Andy Allen’s Wife Alex Davey: Married Life

Alex Davey, who is married to Andy Allen, loves him and has helped him succeed in his career as a chef.

After getting engaged in May 2020, the cook and Andy Allen’s wife got married on October 8.

In October 2022, they got married in style at the historic Terrara House in the southern part of New South Wales. This made it clear that they were going to live together.

Allen and Davey had a very nice holiday at Huka Lodge in Taupo, New Zealand. On the internet, there aren’t many facts about Andy Allen’s wife.

Andy told TV Week in an interview that he and Alex first met at a party. But she didn’t know who the cook was or where he was from until someone told her.

Who is Andy Allen's Wife?

The first night they met, they didn’t fall in love, at least not right away. They didn’t see each other again for a few years, but when they did, the judge made sure to ask her out.

After all that time, it was good that they were still single, because in four years, they would be ready to spend forever together.

The chef has posted many shots of himself and his wife on social media, which have gotten a lot of love from his fans.


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Andy Allen Family

Andy Allen was born on April 30, 1988, in the city of Maitland, New South Wales, to a father and a mother.

The chef’s father was a teacher at Bolwarra Public School. Allen’s father was also in charge of cricket for the NSW Primary School Sports Association.

Sad to say, not much is known about the mother of the expert cook because there isn’t much information about her.

Before becoming a judge, the man worked as an electrician. Andy also played hoops for the Maitland Mustangs.

The chef also offered to help build a bigger basketball court in his area as a volunteer. Allen chose to go into the hotel business. The skilled chef owns a part of the Three Blue Ducks restaurant, which has locations in Brisbane, Melbourne, Bronte, Rosebery, and Byron Bay.

Who is Andy Allen's Wife?

Alex lives in Sydney, and MasterChef is shot in Melbourne. They both have something to do with Andy’s relationship problem. So, Andy Allen’s wife and the cook had to agree to try living apart.

Andy decided to ask Matt Preston, a past judge on MasterChef and his mentor, for help when he ran into this problem and was trying to figure out how to balance his relationship with the busy filming schedule for MasterChef.

The chef has not told his fans whether or not he has become a father.

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